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Western Sushi photo from Wikipedia

Did you know…

Sushi means vinegared rice in Japanese

Activity of the day: Learn How to Make Your Own Sushi

You will need: 

Roasted Nori, rice, rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar

This video will show you how to make the sushi rice correctly.
Note: Kombu seaweed is optional

Here is a recipe you can use to make the sushi rice

Choose any combination of these ingredients to fill the middle of your sushi roll:

Shredded carrots, celery sliced long and very thin, avocado, cucumber, peppers thinly sliced, cooked salmon or shrimp, cream cheese, sesame seeds, pickled ginger, wasabi paste

Learn how to roll a cone shaped sushi roll here

Try this…
Find an affordable sushi bar in your area with a really good reputation and taste professionally made sushi for yourself. While you are there, see if you can watch the sushi being made and talk to the sushi chef.

Question of the day:  

Where did sushi originate and how did it become so popular?

Learn more: 

Sushi FAQ: What is sushi?

Wikipedia: Sushi

You Tube: Iron Chef Sushi Warrior Battle part 1/5

5minLife Videopedia: Master Sushi Competition in California
Learn how the organic sushi rice used for the contest is grown

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