Make Your Own: Trick or Treat Bag

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Trick or Treat Bag by Fran W

Halloween is the biggest candy holiday in America!

How is your trick or treater going to carry around their share of the 600 million pounds of candy purchased each Halloween?
How about making a durable trick or treat bag to help them carry all their loot?

To make this trick or treat bag, you will need:
2 paper grocery bags, hot glue, 10″ nylon rope (a clothes line will work too), scissors and craft supplies such as: acrylic paint, a paint brush, construction paper, stickers, glitter, crayons, markers, etc.

Decorate your bag….

If your bag has any kind of printing on it, turn it inside out and hot glue the bottom flaps closed before you begin, then paint or create a Halloween scene or picture on the bag by using any kind of craft supplies you have available to you.

While the first bag is drying, add a rope to the second bag before slipping it into the painted bag.

Adding rope to bag:

If you need directions to help put the rope on, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Knot loop
Step 1: Tie the two ends of the rope together to form a loop as shown above.
Step 2: Glue rope to
bottom of bag
Step 2: Spread the loop out and center the bag on it. Test to make sure the handles are even at the top before gluing the knot to the middle of the bottom of the bag, as shown above, then hot glue the other side down.
Step 3: Glue rope
to side corners of bag

Step 3: Bring the loops up and glue the rope to the four areas of the bag as shown in the picture above. (There are two areas in the middle of the bottom edge and two areas in the middle of the top edge). Click on the picture to enlarge if you can not see the word “glue”. Do not glue the whole side down because the bag will need room to expand.

Step 4: Put the bags
together and glue
Step 4: Slip the bag with the rope inside the painted bag and hot glue all around the top edge to hold the bags together.

Tips for safe trick or treating…

– Take a flashlight with you.
– Go with a grown up.
– Have a cell phone with you in case you get separated from your group.
– Trick or Treat at houses you know.

– Stay with friends.
– Don’t go into houses or cars without your guardian’s permission.

Instead of trick or treating from house to house…..

– Trunk or treat.
– Have a Halloween party and invite all your friends.
– Stay home and give out treats to other trick or treaters.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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