The Mayflower

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Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, by William Halsall.jpg
“Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor” by William Halsall

Christopher Jones was the owner and captain of the Mayflower, until his death in 1622! 
It took the Mayflower 66 days to sail from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, America!

Activity: Following the Mayflower’s Journey

Find out what it was like to work and live on the Mayflower during the famous voyage of 1620, or take a tour of the ship.

Question 1:
After a long hard journey, the pilgrims finally settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. What was the original destination of the Mayflower?
Question 2:
What was the Speedwell and what happened to it?
Learn more:
Learn about the history of the Mayflower. If you are interested in finding out what the original travel plans for the Mayflower were, check out the section called: The Voyage
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eThemes: Mayflower Voyage
This site links up to other Mayflower resources including biographical info about the passengers, the passenger list, the ship’s diagram, myths and other activities.

Mayflower Ship Cartoon
Watch and learn how to draw the cartoon version of the Mayflower, drawn by Bruce Blitz

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