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One of the largest and oldest castles was built in the 9th century and someone still lives there today!

Dragsholm Castle, in Denmark, is now a famous hotel. The castle was built in the late 12th century!

Windsor Castle, built in the 11th Century, is the longest occupied palace in Europe, and a royal residence!

Conwy Castle, a medieval fortification located in North Wales, was built by Edward I, in 1283. It cost about £15,000 – that would be over 200,000,000 (200 million) pounds today.

Castles were built in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages.
Research Questions…

What is a castle and why were they built?

What were the original castles built from?

What is the name of one of the oldest and largest castles in the world and where can it be found?

What castle is Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle inspired by and where can the castle be found?

What are the names of the nine most famous haunted castles and where are they located?

Castle Videos & Resources

To help you research, I have created a post with information about castles based on the questions and facts above.
 This link will take you directly to:

Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England

Castle Anatomy
Find out what some common features of a castle are.
Draw A Castle
After looking at a few castles, find one that appeals to you the most and draw it. Imagine what it was like to live there when it was built and what it would be like to live there today.
Build A Castle
What would your dream castle look like?
Build/Create your own castle out of anything you like: paper, cardboard, wood, draw it, sculpt it, paint it, etc.
While you’re creating your dream castle, think about what country it would be located in and if you would build it on a cliff, near water, on flat land away from water or somewhere else. What would you build it out of? How much land would you own?  Who would live in the castle with you?
Plan a Visit to a Castle
After or while you’re learning about castles, plan a trip to one! How much will you need? Where will you go? What will you need to bring? Who will go with you? How will you get there? Will you go to a Disney castle or a real one?

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