Pumpkin Luminary

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Pumpkin Luminary by Fran W

A pumpkin luminary is a great way to repurpose a water or milk jug for Halloween!

You will need…

Recycled milk or water jug, scissor, pencil, acrylic paint, paint brush, glue, and black construction paper

What to do…
Cut the handle off the back of a recycled water or milk jug with a scissor. See picture below.

Put down newspaper, paint the jug, and allow it to dry.

Illuminated Pumpkin by Fran W

Design a face for your pumpkin out of construction paper and glue it on the milk jug.

Illuminate with a battery powered candle or a glow stick.

Tip: If you want to use a real candle to light the pumpkin up, put sand or rice in the bottom before adding the candle. For a more festive feel, use a pumpkin pie scented tealight candle.

Alternate activity…

Turn your jug into a ghost, skull, cat, scarecrow, Frankenstein or something else. Add extra items such as tissue paper, yarn, straw, hat, scarf and other accessories to your design.

Cut Jug

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