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Bodiam Castle from Wikipedia

The following resources were put together to go with: 
Fran’s World of Discovery: Castle Research Project

Castles Around the World

29 Gorgeous Castles Around the World

Website dedicated to castles. Site has information on over 500 castles, castle ruins, and other fortifications in Europe and beyond. 

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Guide

Wikipedia: Prague Castle

Dragsholm Castle

Wikipedia: Dragsholm Castle

Centuries of History and Ghosts Haunt Denmark’s Dragsholm Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle | Royal Collection Trust
An exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Royal Family.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen.

Wikipedia: Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is a royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire.

Conwy Castle

Look through some amazing pictures of this castle while learning about it.


Learn about Conwy Castle and about other areas of Wales.

Conwy Castle

Short article about Conwy Castle.

Castles of the Middle

An article about Crac des Chevaliers in Western Syria.

More Castle Information

This site has an extensive list of castles that can be found all around the world. There is a section for kids on this site as well. Click on the words if the picture is not available. There is a section that allows you to tour a castle – the outside, inside and the people. Coloring pages are offered under “activities”.

If you run through the pages you will find a page for: An overview, history of castles, castle features, castle defenses, inside the castle, castle construction, Medieval sieges, decline of castles and more.

What is a castle, features, history, construction, and social centre.

Inspiring Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Learn about the history of the castle that inspired, Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” and look at a few of the interior pictures.

Location, design concept, construction, and learn a little about the owner: Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Brief history of the castle.

Castles Activities for Kids

Storm The Castle
Creativity and lots of projects you can make!
Creativity in fantasy, how to write, make video games, play classical guitar and do creative things.

Rhymes, crafts and printables…membership may be required for some printables.

Fantasy and Medieval Crafts for Kids
Free printable templates and instructions for fantasy and medieval themed crafts for kids.

Castles and Medieval Life
Note: Some of the activities will take you off site.

  • Castle and knight related activities such as “Dress a Knight” “Castle Construction”
  • Links to other castle sites.
  • Labeling foods, castles, things people wore during Medieval times.

Haunted Castles

Haunted castles of Ireland, England, Scotland, the UK and Europe.

Extensive list of haunted castles.

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