Glowing Halloween Lantern

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Glowing Halloween Lantern by Fran W & Becka V.
Turn a milk or juice carton into a lantern with a creepy-cool theme!
To make one you will need…
A clean milk carton, construction paper, craft knife, scissor, tissue paper, black construction paper, glue, 1 chenille stem, small nail, pencil, ruler, glow stick, yarn, and a small bottle cap
Optional: Serrated knife, craft foam, Halloween stickers, acrylic paint and a paint brush, push pin, craft supplies, battery-powered candle
What to do…
Cut the carton down to desired size, glue construction paper to each panel, then *plot and cut out 1 circle or square on two sides of the carton. Once covered and cut, turn the carton up-side-down and pop two small holes on either side of it for the handle, and one in the center of the top with a small nail.
*Note: If you decide to paint the carton, cut the openings first.

For the middle of each opening, make a silhouette out of construction paper and glue it to the tissue paper. Glue the piece of tissue paper to the inside of the carton so that your silhouette comes through when a glow stick or battery-powered candle is placed inside. Decorate the lantern with stickers, foam or construction paper cut-outs and other craft supplies. Something can be painted on as well.
Note: You can glue the silhouette on after the tissue paper is put on, but be careful not to tear the tissue paper.

When you are ready, add the chenille stem handle and tie a length of yarn or string to a battery-powered tea light candle or a glow stick, push the other end up through the hole in the top, tie it off, and cut excess yarn/string. Glue on a bottle cap to hide the knot on top and hang.
Tips and suggestions…
  • Cutting the milk carton down to size with a serrated knife can help to make a cleaner and more even cut. (Adult supervision suggested.)
  • To make a round opening in the side of the carton, trace around a lid or cup that fits in the middle. We used a frozen juice can lid.
  • Measure the circle or square from the bottom to make sure the openings are the same height and measure around the sides to make sure they’re equal.
  • Avoid cutting the edges when making your opening.
  • After tracing out your opening for the silhouette, a push pin can be used to make tiny, close holes around the trace mark for easier cutting with a craft knife.
  • To neaten up cut marks, consider making a border.
  • Double tissue paper if needed.
  • Consider making four openings instead of two.
This lantern can be made so that it is open on the top as well. The following links have pictures and instructions for that version…

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