Historical Events – May

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Louisiana Purchase May 2, 1803

U.S. State Department: Dept of the Historian:  Louisiana Purchase
You Tube: The Louisiana Purchase 1803 Video time: 1:30

First American Comic Book Published : “Famous Funnies” May 3, 1934

Wikipedia: Famous Funnies

The Digital Comic Museum: Famous Funnies

YouTube: The American History of Comics HD Video time: 22:34

Create A Comic – Resources for creating your own comic.
First Settlers Arrive at Jamestown May 13, 1607

History is Fun: History of Jamestown

History.com: Jamestown Founded In 1607 Video time: 5:00 

First Morse Code Message May 24, 1844

Wikipedia: Morse Code

YouTube: The History of Morse Code Video time: 5:23

YouTube: Learn Morse Code Easily Video time: 2:47

First Time Big Ben Rang Out in Westminster May 31, 1859
(Big Ben renamed Elizabeth Tower)

Big Ben Facts: History of Big Ben 

Ian Visits: The Arrival of Big Ben In Westminster in 1858 Article includes a historical 

BBC: Big Ben’s Tower Renamed Elizabeth Tower In Honor Of Queen

LondonNet: Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Whitechapel Bell Foundry: The Story of Big Ben

History.com: Big Ben Goes Into Operation In London Video time: 1:00 and short article.

YouTube: Visit Big Ben Video time: 7:11

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