Basilisk Lizard

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Basilisk Lizard

Enchanted Learning: Basilisk Lizard – Printout and basic information.

Wikipedia: Common Basilisk – Description, diet, predators, reproduction and more.

Easy Science For Kids: All About The Green Basilisk Lizard – Quick fact page with pictures.

Costa Rica: Wildlife: Basilisk Lizard – Information about their name, diet, habitat, species, reproduction, status and more.

AMNH: Green Basilisk Offers description of animal’s body.

Reptiles: Basilisk Lizard Care & Information – This page offers information about basilisk lizard care by an owner of basilisk lizards.

AnimalsThe Habitat of a Basilisk Lizard – Geographical range, altitude, climate and biogeography and more.

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Funschooling & Recreational Learning Lizard Resource Page – LOTS of lizard resources.

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