A World To Discover: September: Vol. 1

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Unless noted, the following links will take you to a resource page on Fran’s World of Discovery.

Wolf Resources – Types of wolves, wolf anatomy, folklore, and videos.

Rock & Mineral Resources – Resources include: Types of rocks and minerals, rock symbols and mythology, experiments and more.

Castle Resources – Info about castles around the world, kid friendly sites, and videos.

Tangrams – Access links to information about Tangrams and online activities.

Leaf Hunting – Leaf hunting tips and links to leaf and tree information.

Bird Watching Activities – Tips for bird watching and links to birding sites.

Tracking Hurricanes – Links to information about hurricanes and tracking maps.

Halloween Themed Pizza – This post includes links to recipes for alternative crusts that are: gluten free, raw or low-carb.

Seasonal Foods

There are many seasonal foods available during this time of the year. Below, you will find resource pages for the following foods that are located on Fran’s World of Discovery.

Apple Resources – Links and videos based on apples.

Cabbage – Links, a recipe, an experiment, and information about cabbage.

Three Sisters: Corn – Activities and links related to corn.

Three Sisters: Pumpkins – Activities and links related to pumpkins, includes a recipe for pumpkin pie in the shell.

Resource located off Fran’s World

Universal Preschool: Pizza Party – Access to pizza facts, a fun craft, game activities and links to recipes.

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