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Picture Writing

Native American Writing: Picture Writing – Native Americans wrote with pictures, learn more about how they communicated.

Native American Pictography – Native Americans Nations: How picture writing is done.

Native American Picture Writing – Site offers an explanation about pictographs.


Almanac: Three Sisters: The Original Companion Planting – Article

Kids Garden: Creating A Three Sisters Garden – Discover a native trio.

Native Tech: Planting the Three Sisters – How to plant the 3 sisters.

Crafts, Games, & Puzzles

Native Tech: 
Games and Toys
On line games and the history of games and toys played by Native America children and adults.
Shuttlecock – Made with feathers, corn husks and a stick. Game for boys and girls.

DLTK: Native Americans –Crafts and Activities

Enchanted Learning: Native American Crafts

Family Crafts at Native American Crafts – You’ll find Native American craft selections on this site.

Native American Wordfind – Printable.

Native American Crossword Puzzle – Fill in on line.

Stories, Myths & Legends

Mr. Donns: Native Americans Stories – Site offers a variety of animal stories, myths, fables and more.

First People: The Legend
From the site: Many a legend has been written by the Elders. Here are over 1400 of their stories and teachings, split over eight pages.

Instruments & Jewelry

Native American Rattles – About NA rattles: What they used to make them and why. (Store)

eHow: Instructions for Crafting Beaded Indian Jewelry : Kids’ Crafts & More

Native American Resources

Mr. Donn: Native Americans in Old Times – Native American Lesson Plan

Gathering of Nations: Native American News – Native American news and Pow-Wow information.

Universal Preschool: The Three Sisters – A Native American Thanksgiving curriculum. Native American crafts, links, and information.

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art – Excellent site for information about the Native American culture.

Kid Info: Native Americans – Links to information about Native American history and facts.

What’ Native American Animal Symbols – Native American symbols, zodiac meanings. Land Animal Totems.

Native American Math – PBS has put together a PDF file of Native American Mathematics.

Native American Languages – Offers a wide variety of sites about Native American Languages.

Native RadioListen to contemporary or traditional music.

Wikipedia: Native Americans of the United States – Site offers a large variety of information.

Native American Cookbook – PDF file.


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