Louis Braille

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Louis Braille

WikipediaLouis Braille – History of Louis Braille and information about the braille system.

AFB: Braille BugWhat is braille?, information about Louis Braille and Helen Keller. Games – Name game, Braille Jumble, riddles and rhymes, and more.

PBS Kids: You’ve Got Braille! – 
Braille translator. Write your own message and have it translated into braille.

Omniglot: Writing Braille – Braille alphabet and number charts.

Suggested Activities

Put dots of glue, or old nail polish, on index cards to make each letter of the braille alphabet. Once dry, put letters together to form words and read them with your fingers.

Use puff paint to make raised letters, shapes, and numbers.

Close your eyes and try to figure out what letters/words another player gives you.

Make braille cards with numbers on them and come up with a counting or match game.

Make shapes on index cards with hot glue and match braille words with pictures.


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