A World To Discover October Volume 2

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The following resources can be found on this blog, unless otherwise noted.

Dr. Jekyll &  Mr. Hyde – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde resources include: Downloadable versions of the original book, audio book files, chemistry experiments, and videos. Videos include a silent 1931 version and a cartoon version of this story.

The Legend of The Headless Horseman – Resources include links and videos based on the legend of the Headless Horseman. Videos include cartoons and music based on this character.

The Grim Reaper Information about the Grim Reaper and cultural icons of death.

Monster Mash – Listen and learn about this iconic song.

Cat Day  – Links to many cat related sites.

Black Cats – Links to resources directly related to this topic.

7 Ways Your Library Saves You Money – Article: Money saving tips.

“Groucho” Marx (Julius Henry Marx), Born October 2, 1890 : American comedian and film and television star (off site links)
Marx Brothers.org – Biographical information and a list of movie appearences.
Wikipedia: Groucho Marx – Biographical information of his life and career.
YouTube Playlist: Groucho Marx – Videos of documentaries and public appearances. 

Halloween Resources

Halloween Resource Page: This page has resources for the history of Halloween.

Halloween Origami: Offers links to Halloween origami projects.

Halloween Activities: Halloween related activities available on Fran’s World of Discovery. Craft projects, Gothic literature, Fun Foods, Animals, and more.

Seasonal Foods

Apple & Pumpkin Picking – Look for pick your own places. Off site link.

Chocolate – Chocolate related activities: History of chocolate, chocolate lip balm and bubble bath, recipes, and more.

Egg Day – Egg experiments and information.

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