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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles in the news about homeschooling because of the unfortunate situation that happened in California with the Turpin family. These articles, which I list below, are a mix of thoughts people have about what should be done about regulating homeschoolers around the nation.

Yes, unscrupulous people hide behind their ability to homeschool in their state to do horrible things to children, but if you follow the stories, and read each one, more of the picture unfolds, and you come to see that many of these families were in the public school systems where these situations were ‘missed’ or ‘overlooked’ before homeschooling came into the picture.

I can’t help but ask, what should be done when a family, who is under investigation in the public school system, hides behind the guise of homeschooling to continue to abuse their children? Unfortunately, this family was never placed under investigation.

If you are not getting the backstory to this situation, and how it was able to go on for so long, you would think that this family always homeschooled in California, when they didn’t, they lived in Texas, and the oldest child attend a public school for four years (K-3), where she was bullied because of her appearance.

Now we have an explosion of opinions and legislation being submitted to keep the freedom homeschooling allows under wraps. 

Why isn’t legislation being submitted that would protect young people from unscrupulous students, teachers, and school faculty from doing horrible things? Sure, some get arrested, and go to jail, but I do not see schools, or public school families being investigated for more of the same, or undergoing major and invasive restructuring of their system.

If homeschool families need to submit to home inspections and the like, does that mean all parents and educators will have to be treated as likely criminals as well?

I believe that the backstories to these situations need to be considered before states take away the freedoms of others.

The sins of the very few, should not result in the loss of freedom for a primarily peaceful group of families who are doing the best they can for their children.

Here are the articles I’ve found this week, please submit other articles, for and against stronger regulations, if you know of them, and I’ll add them to the growing list. If you write an article on this topic, I invite you to share it in comments so I can read it and add it as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading, here are the articles that sparked this post:

Homeschooling Articles That Do Not Encourage Change In Regulations

A Psychologist’s Take on the Turpin Case: Homeschooling and Child Abuse

 Articles That Encourage Stronger Regulations

One more thing: This YouTube video features the message a Facebook user wrote about the oldest Turpin girl, his one time classmate. To me, it shows that something could have been done much, much sooner. 
Classmate: Turpin child was bullied in school

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