Creative’s Inspiration 30 Writing and Artist Prompts for the Harvest Season

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This instant digital download offers 30 prompts to help inspire your creativity!

Writers and poets, artists, and musicians! If you’re a creative, then this is a great resource for you.

Harvest Inspirations is exactly that, open-ended inspiration, with tools to help you get unblocked, change your perspective, or challenge yourself to keep things interesting.

It starts with 30 Harvest-related prompts that are perfect for the harvest season (Thankfulness, Squirrels, Parade, Family Gathering, etc.) if those are enough to spark your creativity then go with it! If you need a little more, that’s okay too! There’s a ‘Perspective Page’ that gives you some questions to ask yourself with 6 examples! Then there’s the ‘Try This’ page, that gives you 20 activities that you can do with each and every prompt, that’s 600 possibilities, and that’s not even including the ‘Workout Web’, ‘Blockbuster Pages’ and ‘Create A Comic/StoryBoard’ page!

As a creative who has been educating for 25 years, I know that creativity is one of the unsung fundamentals of an intelligent mind. Whether you’re a Creative looking for inspiration, a student (of any age) looking to build your brain and skills, or a teacher trying to inspire creativity without blocking it, this publication is for you.

This 9 page document has 1 printer friendly chart of words, and 1 chart with a fall inspired picture background.
1 Perspectives Page filled with suggestions for using 6 of the words.
1 Try This page filled with 20 ways the words can be used.
3 Printer friendly pages to help work your thoughts out.

Pages are not editable.

For personal use only. Print as many pages as you need, but do not resell this file or any printed material for profit.

Do not share this file with others.

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