Category: Family Activities

Celebrate America Puzzle & Coloring Page

Introducing: Celebrate America Puzzle & Coloring Page This America-themed printer-friendly activity page has some fun things you can do on it:Upon payment, you will receive a 2 page PDF with:Page 1 Includes:2 Puzzles/Fill-Ins:1 – 20 Word Word Find1 – Name the Founding Fathers List3 Coloring elements:A US Flag, USA […]

Knight’s Move Paper & Pencil Game

Introducing: Knight’s MoveKnight’s Move is a fun pencil and paper game that can be printed and laminated for long term use.If you like games that make you think before you move, then you’ll enjoy this one.Suggestions are offered for extra challenges.Great for people of any age who enjoy […]

Shark Activity Page

Introducing: Shark Activity Page This Shark-themed printer-friendly activity page has 6 fun things you can do on it:– 2 Coloring areas– 1 Tic-Tac-Toe inspired activity– 1 Shark Word Scramble with 7 words to unscramble – 1 Shark Name Activity-1 Word Find with 17 Shark related words-1 Finish the Shark […]

Motorcycle Word Find

Now available on Funschooling Press: A Motorcycle Word Find! Find the 30 words hidden within this homemade motorcycle themed puzzle!  This is an Instant Download – A Digital File. No physical item will be shipped. Upon payment, you will receive: 1 – 3 page PDF file that includes: 1 – […]

Create Your Own Animal Study

A great way to begin your study is to make a list of animals you want to learn about, then brainstorm some ways you can learn about the ones you are most interested in.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to learn about animals is to get […]

Butterfly Activity Pages

Introducing: Butterfly Puzzle Pages!This Butterfly themed publication has seven (7) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others. Activities include: – Butterfly Word Find– Butterfly Word Scramble Activity– Butterfly ABC Order Activity–  Butterfly Pixel Art– Name Ten Butterflies Activity–  Butterfly Rebus Puzzle– Finish The […]

Fun Ways To Use Toothpicks As A Learning Tool

Use toothpicks to form the letters of the alphabet and words. Dip a toothpick in ink or paint and draw or write with it. Make toothpick pictures. Glue colored or plain toothpicks to a piece of paper. Glue toothpicks together to form a solid structure such as a […]

Summertime Puzzle Fun

Introducing: Summertime Puzzle Fun!This Summertime themed publication has six (6) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others.Activities include:– Summertime Word Find– Summertime Words Within Words Game– Summertime A-Z– Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board– Summertime Guess My Word– Dot grid for making designs and game play.Also included:Instructions for how to play Words […]

Ways To Learn About History….Without A Textbook

History can be one of the most interesting and exciting subjects you can learn about… but textbooks tend to deliver information in the dullest ways possible! Here are some interesting ways to learn about history that are much more true to life. Museums – There are many different […]