4th of July – America’s Independence Day

The holidays are a great time to learn about history, people, places, events and seasonal foods!

Celebrate the 4th of July with fun activities!
United States Flag – Find out about the flags of the United States and make one of your own.

Declaration of Independence – Learn about and read the Declaration of Independence and find out about the people who signed it.

Fireworks – Learn about the history of fireworks, write the Chinese symbol for ‘firework’, and make a firework decoration.

Ice Cream – Make ice cream in a bag, find out why you get a “Brain Freeze” and the history of this frozen treat.

Pom-Pom Shooter – Make a pom-pom shooter with recycled items!

Plan a Summer Celebration – Use the activities in this post to plan a 4th of July celebration for family and friends!

America’s National Anthem – Learn about America’s National Anthem and Francis Scott Key! Listen to a rock’n version of the Star Spangled Banner too!

Recipe: A Berry Patriotic Shake – Celebrate the holiday with a delicious Berry Patriotic Shake!

Blueberries – July is National Blueberry Month! Resources to find out more about this fruit and recipes, such as homemade blueberry topping, can be found here.

Craft: Lantern – Make a lantern centerpiece for your holiday table!

Stars – Learn how to make stars, what their names are, and some of the fun things you can do with them.

Glow-in-the-Dark Putty – Recipe for making a homemade putty that glows.

4th of July Resources Outside of FranW.com
Independence Day Resources
US Gov.: Independence Day ResourcesInformation about the Declaration of Independ
ence, Today in History – July 4th, US Flag History and Facts, American Recipes, Patriotic Melodies, Historical Documents, Help Your Country,Travel and Recreation in the U.S. plus Firework info for each state and Summer Safety Tips.

everythingESL: Teaching About America – Offers information about US symbolism, songs, history, Pledge of Allegiance, and more.

Wikipedia: Independence Day (United States) – Offers a little background info, how it is celebrated and observed, and customs.

DLTK-Kids: 4th of July – Fourth of July section includes: Coloring pages, craft ideas, games and puzzles, recipes, printables, worksheets and other links.

Enchanted Learning – 4th of July – Activities and Crafts for the 4th: Activity book, pinwheel, windsock, printouts, information acbout American Icons and more. Some printables may require a membership to print.

Still learning Something New; History, Fireworks, Food, and Family Fun – A 4th of July Unit Study and Resource List – Betty Jo provides a wide variety of links that will help you create a wonderful personalized study.

Artists Helping Children: 4th of July – Site offers a variety of patriotic and 4th of July related crafts.

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