Recreational Mathematics

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month and I’d like to focus on a fun version of math called, Recreational Mathematics. It’s the type of math that not only makes you think creativity and critically, it really gets your brain going in ways that make time fly by, because you’re truly engaged in what you’re doing, and having a great time.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to introduce you to Recreational Math in the following ways…

An Introduction to Recreational Mathematics – What is Recreational Mathematics?

Recreational Mathematicians –  This is about people who are a wiz at making up and explaining recreational mathematics and games.

Recreational Math Activities – Games, puzzles, and other fun ways to do math.

The Benefits of Using Recreational Mathematics – There are a lot of benefits to using recreational mathematics and this post will tell you what they are.

Informal Math Alternatives – You’ll find instructions for activities here.

Where’s The Math? Making Real World Math Connections – Information and resources that will help you see the math in ordinary things.

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Here are all the videos connected with the posts above…

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