17 Captivating Fractals Found in Nature – Includes plants, rivers, galaxies, clouds, weather, population patterns, stocks, video feedback, crystal growth, etc..

WIRED: Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns – Scroll through a gallery of fractals.
Mother Nature Network: 14 Amazing Fractals Found in Nature – Site offers a gallery with a brief description for each one.
Fractal Foundation: Inspiring Interest in Science, Math, & Art – Site offers fractal shows, pictures, a section to explore fractals, and videos with more information.
Wikipedia: Fractal – Explains what fractals are. Pictures available.

Kids Discover: Family Nature Walk – Patterns in Nature – Fractal Activities.

Creative Star Learning: Outdoor Maths: Fractals in Nature – Explains what fractals are and offers some outdoor activities.

Fractal Music: Explore Musical Patterns – An introduction to fractal music.

NS Science: The Fractal Nature of Music – Fractal-like structures that exist in music.

Plus Fractal Music – Listen to Dmitry Kormann’s fractal compositions.

Mis-titled video about Fractals

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