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  • Observe Life At A Pond

    Observe Life At A Pond

    During the summer, ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water are full of life. Take some time to observe what’s going on. Use the following suggestions to create a one of a kind summer study. Visit a pond, lake, river, creek, or ocean (if another body of water is not available). Observe life at the […]

  • Wildflower Research Project

    Wildflower Research Project

    As the weather warms up, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, the beauty of the season begins to burst free. Much of that beauty is reoccurring in the form of wildflowers that can be found on the roadside or in private and public gardens. If you enjoy the colors and smells of Spring, […]

  • From Bud To Bloom

    From Bud To Bloom

    For this activity, please choose a tree in your yard or somewhere very close by. Next, choose one or more methods to document your observations: Drawing, writing/journaling, picture or video recording, or an audio recording device. Observation Suggestions What kind of tree is it? Find out its name and the type of tree it is. […]

  • Koala Fun Page

    Koala Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: NOCTURNAL CRITTERS Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Koala Word Scramble Koala Related Activities Koala Diorama Learn about Koalas and their natural environment (not the zoo). Make a few paper koalas (videos can be found below), […]

  • Fingerprint Fun Page

    Fingerprint Fun Page

    Finish The Phrase Research Challenge How are fingerprints formed? How many different types of fingerprints are there? What purpose do fingerprints have and how are they used in modern times? Who was the first to suggest using fingerprints to solve a crime? When were fingerprints first used to solve a crime? What crime was committed? […]

  • Human Skeleton

    Human Skeleton

    Info Visible Body: 10 Facts about the Skeleton: An Overview of the Skeletal System – Learn about the human skeleton. This site offers pictures, videos, and written information. LiveScience: Diagram of the Human Skeletal System (Infographic) – Site offers an infographic and a few brief facts. Also: The Human Skeletal System: Reference Article: Facts about […]

  • Create Your Own Animal Study

    A great way to begin your study is to make a list of animals you want to learn about, then brainstorm some ways you can learn about the ones you are most interested in.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to learn about animals is to get information from the library, used bookstore, or […]

  • Plant Propagation

    Plant Propagation

    Better Homes & Garden:  Propagating Houseplants & Making More Plants From Cuttings – How to make more plants from plant cuttings. Gardening Know How: Starting Plant Cuttings – How To Root Cuttings From Plants – Types of cutting and how to root them. The Balance: Best Plant To Grow From Cuttings – 19 Plants that can start from cuttings. WikiHow: Plant Propagation: […]

  • Poinsettia Resource Page

    Poinsettia Resource Page

    Information University of Illinois Extension: Poinsettia Facts – Interesting facts and information about Poinsettias. Includes anatomy info, history of the plant, and number facts.   The Spruce:  Poinsettias – Keepers or Compost? – Caring For Your Holiday Poinsettia and Getting It To Bloom Again Next Year (How To) Teleflora: Meaning & Symbolism of Poinsettias – This short article talks about […]

  • Oysters & Pearls

    Oysters & Pearls

    Wikipedia: Oyster – Information about salt-water bivalve molluscs – types, anatomy, etc..Pearl – Information about the gemstone, pearl. Etymology, definition, physical properties, fresh and saltwater pearls, creation and much more. American Pearl: A Brief History of Pearls: How Pearls are Harvested – Article about harvesting pearls, early history of pearl harvesting, and caring for oysters before harvest. Sustainable Pearls: […]

  • Animals

    All of the following animal related posts can be found on Funschooling & Recreational Learning. Arthropoda: Insects, Spiders, Ect. Butterflies:Butterflies – Independent Butterfly research project with questions, activity suggestions and resources.10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities – Ten open-ended, hands-on activities that encourage research skills, creativity and thinking skills.Fireflies – Research resources for fireflies, including links to a couple […]

  • Manatees


    *Manatee Family – Photo By Fran W.   *Personal note about the photo: The larger manatee in the photo above is nursing her newborn calf. The larger of the young manatees, to the right of the mother, is learning how to care for the younger manatees. She travels with the mother and helps her care […]