Third Amendment Missing Letter Puzzle

Fill in the missing letters in this puzzle to read the 3rd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Second Amendment

Fill in the missing letters in this puzzle to read the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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First Amendment Word Find

Find the 9 words hidden in a puzzle, based on the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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U.S. Amendments Puzzle Index

This year’s series will feature the Amendments of the United States Constitution in a new way and then America. Since puzzles can help you remember things better, the upcoming amendment related posts will contain a word puzzle. To gain access to all the new puzzle posts, sign-up for a free subscription on Substack to have them send to your inbox, or click on the link below and bookmark the Index page to see what’s new each week.

Fall Fill-In Puzzle

A new post featuring a Fall Fill-In (Criss-Cross) Puzzle has been posted here:

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Set Up  A Talent Show 

Everyone has something they are good at. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to show off what they can do well or watch what others are doing.

You can plan this for a future date so participants can practice, or set up something spur of the moment. Ask everyone to bring a little something to share (food or drink) as admission, and set up a table in your yard, or at a park so everyone can access it.

Keep the show positive and encouraging because it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of people to show your stuff.

Are awards really needed or is getting up and sharing what you can do enough?

Some of the things people can do:

Sing, recite a poem, read a passage from their favorite book in a dramatic way, act something out, juggle, do a puppet show, tell a story, magic tricks, draw, etc..

Have fun ending the summer on a fun and entertaining note.

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Observe Life At A Pond

During the summer, ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water are full of life. Take some time to observe what’s going on. Use the following suggestions to create a one of a kind summer study.

Visit a pond, lake, river, creek, or ocean (if another body of water is not available). Observe life at the pond, lake, etc. and take pictures, videos, write, and/or draw what you see and hear.

Study the pond for the rest of the season into the next or for the rest of the year into next spring. Notice how life changes while you are watching.

Bring a chair and observe for as long as you can – unless the bugs are too awful.

If you take pictures or videos, take time to identify, via books, websites, or knowledgeable people, what you observed but could not identify.

Start a pond study and take time to learn about all of the plant and animal life that can be found in the area. Bring a friend.

Bring a magnifying glass or a pocket microscope along with you so you can take closer look.

Adult supervision suggested for this activity.

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Word Hunt Puzzle #1

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Make A Night Of It!

Take advantage of some especially nice summer evenings with a fun family activity under the stars.

Here are some suggestions:

· Observe the moon. Find out when the full moon will be and take some time to moon gaze. Bring a telescope along with you if you have one or view it through a cardboard tube. A spotting scope or binoculars can also prove useful.

· Have a bonfire. Take time to gather up some wood or purchase some from a local store. Find a safe place to start a fire and consider telling stories, roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or bring a grill that goes over a campfire and cook up something your family will enjoy. Don’t forget a thermos full of hot cocoa! Alternately, some parks offer charcoal grills that can be used by the public. Check your local park for closure times.

· Star gaze. Take advantage of a moonless night. Set up a blanket or some chairs and take time to watch a clear night sky. Bring your telescope, binoculars, spotting scope, or cardboard tube so you can take better look. Print out a SKYMAP and take it with you to help navigate the evening sky.

· Have an evening picnic. Do something different by having a picnic in the early evening instead of the afternoon. It’s a great way to beat the heat of the day! Bring a flashlight along so you can play a game of flashlight tag. Glow sticks/items can be fun to play with too as it gets dark.

· Plan a camping weekend. Plan a camping weekend if possible. This can be at a real campsite, or in your own backyard. Some national parks offer cabins to rent as well. Take time to get away from the rat race and enjoy nature for a while. Being able to listen and watch nature without the traffic and bright lights can give you a new perspective and fresh your senses. Don’t forget to take time to moon and or star gaze while you are there.

· Watch and listen to what’s around you. Sit outside on a pleasant summer evening and take time to watch and listen to what’s going on around you. See how many sounds you can identify: Owls, birds, scurries, leaves rustling in the breeze, ect. How many night creature you can identify such as lightning bugs, mosquitoes, raccoons, opossums, frogs, cats, etc..

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DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

Getting outdoors to play while the weather is nice is great for everyone!

Game Board

To play tic-tac-tac you will need a game board. This can be made from any of the following suggestions, or something of your own choosing.

· A PVC pipe and four 4-way connectors the same width as the PVC pipe. To cut the PVC pipe, you will need a PVC pipe cutter, or a hack saw

· Pool Noodles

· Thick rope cut to the desired length of the tic-tac-toe board

· 9 Hula hoops

· Wooden pieces cut to length

· Painters Tape

· Spray Paint

· Chalk

Playing Pieces

A quick word about playing pieces. You do not have to use a traditional X and O, use whatever shape or letter you like. You will need 5 for each player.

· People: If the board is made large enough, people can be used as playing pieces. Each player can choose 5 players for each team. Give players a colored ribbon to indicate what side they are playing on.

· Rope: Duct tape can be used to keep whatever shape desired together.

· Bean Bags or Socks: Outdoor bean bags or socks can be made or purchased. Toss or place them on the board.

· Frisbees: Use different colors or paint a shape or symbol on them.

· Large Rocks: Paint them before you play.

· Colored Water Balloons: Colored balloons can be purchased and used to play. Filling them with less water will make them less fragile. Store balloons in a bucket. Players can place rather than toss…unless tossing causes the player to lose the space if it breaks as part of the challenge/rules.

· Strong Paper Plates

· Wood: Simple wood blocks can be made and painted or written on.

· Cardboard: Cut into squares, or circles, or to shape, and painted.

· Sea Shells: Use large shells.

· Water Bottles: Fill water bottles with colored water or spread paint inside.

· Use Whatever Works For You!

How can the board be used for other games?

· Last one standing: Place one playing piece in each space, each player will take one or two pieces off the board on their turn. The player that needs to take the last piece loses the game.

· Red, White, & Blue: Make 9 pieces: 3 red, 3 white, and 3 blue, and get them in that order for the win. The first person to make a set match wins.

· Go Together Shapes:  Use triangles, circles, X’s, Squares, ect. Players can decide what goes together to make a match. For example:

· Number Match 3 In A Row: The first player to get to a number, decided on by the players before the game begins, wins.

· Color Mix and Match: To get 3 in a row, you will need to know how to mix colors:

Black + White = Grey

Blue + Yellow = Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

Red + White = Pink

Blue + Red = Purple

· Make up something on your own.

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A Summer Adventure

Use the following questions to create a one of a kind summer adventure that can be used to inspire a story (written or told), comic, video, or some other kind of writing or drawing projects. It can also be used to plan a real life adventure, a tour, or to jog a memory.

What would you do if you came across a cave or cavern?

Where is this cave located? In a park, in the woods, under water, on the water, ect.?

How did you come across this cave? Walking, diving, hiking, boating, a tour, ect..

Would you go in? Alone or with someone?

Who would you bring with you?

What would you bring with you?

Would you plan to go in or go in spontaneously?

If you plan to go in, what would you take, who would you take, and who would you tell?

If you decide to go in spontaneously, what items do you already have with you?

What do you think the inside of the cave/cavern looks like?

What is the temperature within?

How would you document your adventure?

Have you ever been in a cave or a cavern? What was your adventure like?

Write about, draw, tell someone, or record (audio/video) the story of your adventure.

How did it feel to go into a cave or cavern?

If you planned a tour of a cave or cavern, how do you think the tour went? Write a review or talk to someone about your experience.

I hope you enjoy creating or reliving this adventure.

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Creative Inspirations #1

Summertime Fun June

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DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

Make your own skeet ball themed game for the backyard or to take to the park.

The follow ideas are only suggestions, please feel free to come up with your own way of making a game with this theme.


Something to make a ramp out of: A box, small slide, wood and a few bricks, wood and nails, etc.

A large ball: Playground ball, soccer ball, beach ball, etc.

A Target: Buckets, baskets, or boxes that your ball will fit into

Paint, paint brush, markers, razor blade, or whatever tools are needed to cut wood or cardboard

Options for a small scale game:

Ramp: Cardboard box or wood and some bricks

Target: Bucket/Pail/Laundry Basket

Ball: Tennis, soft balls, baseballs, splash balls, etc.

Some rocks or sand may be needed at the bottom of a container/bucket, etc. to prevent the ball from bouncing out and the container from falling over as easily.

The basic idea is to set up the game so that a ball jumps a ramp and lands into a target. Make up a point system and encourage players to keep track of their own score, or have a whiteboard and marker handy to keep score, or chalk and a chalkboard or sidewalk.

Try to get different sized containers to use as a target.

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Word Hunt Puzzle #1

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Word Hunt Puzzle #2 Spring Edition 2022

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