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  • Thanksgiving Word Scramble 2022

    Thanksgiving Word Scramble 2022

    A new post featuring a Thanksgiving Word Scramble has been added here: Subscribe for free today!

  • Fall Fill-In Puzzle

    Fall Fill-In Puzzle

    A new post featuring a Fall Fill-In (Criss-Cross) Puzzle has been posted here: Subscribe for free today!

  • Nature Walk Word Search & Wreath Craft 2022

    Nature Walk Word Search & Wreath Craft 2022

    A new post featuring a Fall inspired wreath craft and word search has been posted here: and Subscribe for free today!

  • Fall A- Z List With Activity Suggestions

    Fall A- Z List With Activity Suggestions

    Make an A-Z list of fall-related words, then brainstorm some ways to use the list to: Develop your own games. For ex: · Charades · Nature Hunt · Nature Bingo · Category Game · “I’m Thinking Of A Word” Use as many words as possible to: · Make a one of a kind criss-cross (fill-in) puzzle on line or on graph […]

  • Word Search Fall Edition 2022

    Word Search Fall Edition 2022

    How quickly can you find the 12 words hidden in the puzzle below? Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    Make your own skeet ball themed game for the backyard or to take to the park. The follow ideas are only suggestions, please feel free to come up with your own way of making a game with this theme. Suggestions: Something to make a ramp out of: A box, small slide, wood and a few […]

  • Seasonal Recipe Challenge: Oatmeal Packet

    Seasonal Recipe Challenge: Oatmeal Packet

    This is meant to be an open-ended activity. No recipe is given, but suggestions and tips are offered. It is strongly recommended that you record what you do in some way: Video, writing, drawing, etc.. Tweak your recipe as needed, and when you come up with something you like, write it down in a homemade […]

  • The 3 Sisters: Squash – Pumpkins

    The 3 Sisters: Squash – Pumpkins

    Did you know… Native Americans called pumpkins, “isqoutm squash” Recipe: Original Pumpkin Pie (with a modern twist) and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds One of the first pumpkin pies were baked right in the pumpkin shell! A delicious custard was prepared and poured into a cleaned out pumpkin and the whole thing was baked until the pumpkin flesh was […]

  • Thanksgiving Jokes, Riddles, & Fun Comics

    Thanksgiving Jokes, Riddles, & Fun Comics

    Want a fun and inexpensive Thanksgiving activity the whole family can enjoy?Add some jokes, riddles, and fun comics to your Thanksgiving Day Fun Things To Do list!If you plan to make the project in the Thanksgiving Turkey Games and Activities post, you can easily use jokes and riddles for your feathers.The jokes and riddles on […]

  • Holiday Foods

    Holiday Foods

    Daily Jigsaw Puzzles:  Colorful Pumpkins And Wicker Basket How long will it take you to solve this online puzzle? How many words can you make from the words: Fun Holiday Foods How quickly can you find the 10 words in this Holiday Foods word search? Coloring Pages Get Coloring Pages: Cornucopia –  Choose from a […]

  • Fun With Corn

    Fun With Corn Indian Corn: A Fall Favorite – Is Indian corn edible? Find out with this short article. Storing and Planting Heirloom Corn Daily Jigsaw Puzzles:  Fresh Popcorn Jigsaw Puzzle Game – How long will it take you to solve this online puzzle? MathisFun: Chicken Crossing Puzzle: Try to solve before looking at the solution! How […]

  • Thanksgiving Giveaway

    Thanksgiving Giveaway

    I’ve put a special Thanksgiving Giveaway together for you to download that includes instructions for a lantern made from a recycled milk or juice carton and simple craft supplies that can be used as a centerpiece for your holiday table. I hope this fun craft helps to make your Thanksgiving a little more special. In […]