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Shark Activity Page

Introducing: Shark Activity Page This Shark-themed printer-friendly activity page has 6 fun things you can do on it:– 2 Coloring areas– 1 Tic-Tac-Toe inspired activity– 1 Shark Word Scramble with 7 words to unscramble – 1 Shark Name Activity-1 Word Find with 17 Shark related words-1 Finish the Shark […]

Create Your Own Animal Study

A great way to begin your study is to make a list of animals you want to learn about, then brainstorm some ways you can learn about the ones you are most interested in.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to learn about animals is to get […]


All of the following animal related posts can be found on Funschooling & Recreational Learning. Arthropoda: Insects, Spiders, Ect. Butterflies:Butterflies – Independent Butterfly research project with questions, activity suggestions and resources.10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities – Ten open-ended, hands-on activities that encourage research skills, creativity and thinking skills.Fireflies – Research resources […]


*Manatee Family – Photo By Fran W. *Personal note about the photo: The larger manatee in the photo above is nursing her newborn calf. The larger of the young manatees, to the right of the mother, is learning how to care for the younger manatees. She travels with […]

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles Defenders: Sea Turtles – Basic facts about sea turtles: Diet, population, range, behavior, reproduction, etc. SeeTurtles: Sea Turtle Facts – Habitat & Diet, Human Threats, Life Cycle, Species World Wildlife Federation: Sea Turtle – General information. Sea Turtle Conservancy – Information about sea turtles, their habitats and […]


White-Tailed Deer National Geographic: White-Tailed Deer – Information about white-tailed deer, breeding, diet, behavior, an audio file, and fast facts. Page also offers a picture gallery to scroll through.Wikipedia: Deer – Information About Deer: Classification, where they can be found around the world, anatomy, diet, reproduction, evolution, species, […]

Animal Tracker

Many animals leave signs that they have been around. This activity will have you identifying the signs that tell you what it may be and how you can track them.You will need: Sketchpad and pencil or a cameraOptional: A pocket microscopeWhat to look for…This activity suggests that you observe […]


Sun Bear Bear Types Bear With Us: The Eight Bear Species of the World Wikipedia: List of Bears Bears of the World Get Bear Smart Society: North American’s Bears Kid Zone: Bear Species – Kid friendly. National Park Service: Types of Bears also Teachers & Kids Activity Village: Giant Pandas […]

Animal Antics – Game

To play Animal Antics, you will need: A deck of letter cards or letter tiles (A-Z),and a container.A color or black and white set can be printed from here.You may also write letters on index cards.Directions: Put all the letters in a container, have players close their eyes before […]

10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities

It’s butterfly season! That means these beautiful flying creatures can be found fluttering all around your yard, neighborhood, park, and garden in all their colorful glory! If you like, or even love butterflies, then you may find one or more of the following activities really fun! Make a butterfly […]