Fall A- Z List With Activity Suggestions

Make an A-Z list of fall-related words, then brainstorm some ways to use the list to:

Develop your own games. For ex:

· Charades

· Nature Hunt

· Nature Bingo

· Category Game

· “I’m Thinking Of A Word”

Use as many words as possible to:

· Make a one of a kind criss-cross (fill-in) puzzle on line or on graph paper.

· Draw or write a story.

· Make a Word Scramble

· Think of another word for the chosen words.

· Create a Rebus story.

· Plot out a DIY Word Search Puzzle

· Figure out the Word Values

· Figure out what words can Go Together. (Ex: Crunch & Leaves)

Use the idea provided or come up with your own.

· Decorate your home or room using the words as inspiration.

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Set Up  A Talent Show 

Everyone has something they are good at. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to show off what they can do well or watch what others are doing.

You can plan this for a future date so participants can practice, or set up something spur of the moment. Ask everyone to bring a little something to share (food or drink) as admission, and set up a table in your yard, or at a park so everyone can access it.

Keep the show positive and encouraging because it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of people to show your stuff.

Are awards really needed or is getting up and sharing what you can do enough?

Some of the things people can do:

Sing, recite a poem, read a passage from their favorite book in a dramatic way, act something out, juggle, do a puppet show, tell a story, magic tricks, draw, etc..

Have fun ending the summer on a fun and entertaining note.

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Water Balloon Running Bases 

For a fun water game version you will need:

50+ Half-filled water balloons, 2 buckets with water, hula hoops or something to make a base out of (two trees, chalk squares, baseball bases, street cones, spray paint, etc.), and 3 or more players

Tip: Less water can make the water balloons more sturdy.

Alternately, 5-10 splash balls can be used instead of water balloons. Keep them in the water when not in play.

Water-less version:

A small soft ball such as a playground ball, or a tennis ball, something to make bases with, at least 3 or more players

This is a “Monkey In The Middle” type game where two players throw a balloon or a ball back and forth. But instead of the ‘Monkey’ trying to get the object being thrown, they run between the bases and try to avoid being tagged or hit with the object being tossed.


Place the bases 20-40 feet apart, depending on how many players you have. This is a great game for groups or a large party.

Put a bucket of water at each base and place the half-filled balloons or splash balls into the water.

Decide who will catch.

How to play:

Catchers: Throw the balloon/ball back and forth to each other, but instead of keeping the balloon/ball from the runners, they can hit or tag the runners with what is being tossed back and forth. As the runners are running from base to base. Catchers must stay on their base unless they have to chase a wild ball. They can not chase a runner to tag or hit them.

*Players should decide if runners will be tagged or hit with the item being thrown before starting the game.)

Runners: Run from base to base without getting hit or tagged. If a runner catches the item being thrown, they can keep playing, if they get hit or tagged by the object, they will need to sit out the rest of the round. The last runner becomes a catcher.

More players make this game much more fun.

Start the game: Runners can stand between the two bases while the catchers toss the balloon/ball back and forth 2 or 3 times. On the last throw, all the runners must run to any base for safety. Runners can stay on or behind the base for 1 or 2 throws but then they must run after that. If a player doesn’t run, they will need to sit out the rest of the round or another consequence chosen by the players before the game begins.

Ending the game: The last runner wins the game and can choose to be a catcher if they want  to.

Players should decide the rules before the game begins.

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Fun With Balloons

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Summertime Criss-Cross Puzzle 

Use the words in the word bank provided to fill in the blocks below.

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Criss-Cross Word Puzzles: Summer Fun PagePecan Fun PagePaper Clip Fun PageWatermelon Fun PageFibonacci Fun Page Coral Reef Fun PageRevolutionary WarRadio Fun Page Hot Air Balloon Fun PageFrog

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Observe Life At A Pond

During the summer, ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water are full of life. Take some time to observe what’s going on. Use the following suggestions to create a one of a kind summer study.

Visit a pond, lake, river, creek, or ocean (if another body of water is not available). Observe life at the pond, lake, etc. and take pictures, videos, write, and/or draw what you see and hear.

Study the pond for the rest of the season into the next or for the rest of the year into next spring. Notice how life changes while you are watching.

Bring a chair and observe for as long as you can – unless the bugs are too awful.

If you take pictures or videos, take time to identify, via books, websites, or knowledgeable people, what you observed but could not identify.

Start a pond study and take time to learn about all of the plant and animal life that can be found in the area. Bring a friend.

Bring a magnifying glass or a pocket microscope along with you so you can take closer look.

Adult supervision suggested for this activity.

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Word Hunt Puzzle #1

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DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

Getting outdoors to play while the weather is nice is great for everyone!

Game Board

To play tic-tac-tac you will need a game board. This can be made from any of the following suggestions, or something of your own choosing.

· A PVC pipe and four 4-way connectors the same width as the PVC pipe. To cut the PVC pipe, you will need a PVC pipe cutter, or a hack saw

· Pool Noodles

· Thick rope cut to the desired length of the tic-tac-toe board

· 9 Hula hoops

· Wooden pieces cut to length

· Painters Tape

· Spray Paint

· Chalk

Playing Pieces

A quick word about playing pieces. You do not have to use a traditional X and O, use whatever shape or letter you like. You will need 5 for each player.

· People: If the board is made large enough, people can be used as playing pieces. Each player can choose 5 players for each team. Give players a colored ribbon to indicate what side they are playing on.

· Rope: Duct tape can be used to keep whatever shape desired together.

· Bean Bags or Socks: Outdoor bean bags or socks can be made or purchased. Toss or place them on the board.

· Frisbees: Use different colors or paint a shape or symbol on them.

· Large Rocks: Paint them before you play.

· Colored Water Balloons: Colored balloons can be purchased and used to play. Filling them with less water will make them less fragile. Store balloons in a bucket. Players can place rather than toss…unless tossing causes the player to lose the space if it breaks as part of the challenge/rules.

· Strong Paper Plates

· Wood: Simple wood blocks can be made and painted or written on.

· Cardboard: Cut into squares, or circles, or to shape, and painted.

· Sea Shells: Use large shells.

· Water Bottles: Fill water bottles with colored water or spread paint inside.

· Use Whatever Works For You!

How can the board be used for other games?

· Last one standing: Place one playing piece in each space, each player will take one or two pieces off the board on their turn. The player that needs to take the last piece loses the game.

· Red, White, & Blue: Make 9 pieces: 3 red, 3 white, and 3 blue, and get them in that order for the win. The first person to make a set match wins.

· Go Together Shapes:  Use triangles, circles, X’s, Squares, ect. Players can decide what goes together to make a match. For example:

· Number Match 3 In A Row: The first player to get to a number, decided on by the players before the game begins, wins.

· Color Mix and Match: To get 3 in a row, you will need to know how to mix colors:

Black + White = Grey

Blue + Yellow = Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

Red + White = Pink

Blue + Red = Purple

· Make up something on your own.

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A Summer Adventure

Use the following questions to create a one of a kind summer adventure that can be used to inspire a story (written or told), comic, video, or some other kind of writing or drawing projects. It can also be used to plan a real life adventure, a tour, or to jog a memory.

What would you do if you came across a cave or cavern?

Where is this cave located? In a park, in the woods, under water, on the water, ect.?

How did you come across this cave? Walking, diving, hiking, boating, a tour, ect..

Would you go in? Alone or with someone?

Who would you bring with you?

What would you bring with you?

Would you plan to go in or go in spontaneously?

If you plan to go in, what would you take, who would you take, and who would you tell?

If you decide to go in spontaneously, what items do you already have with you?

What do you think the inside of the cave/cavern looks like?

What is the temperature within?

How would you document your adventure?

Have you ever been in a cave or a cavern? What was your adventure like?

Write about, draw, tell someone, or record (audio/video) the story of your adventure.

How did it feel to go into a cave or cavern?

If you planned a tour of a cave or cavern, how do you think the tour went? Write a review or talk to someone about your experience.

I hope you enjoy creating or reliving this adventure.

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Creative Inspirations #1

Summertime Fun June

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Criss-Cross Puzzle Spring 2022

Fit the words offered below into the puzzle.

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Make A Snowflake

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Wintery Word Search

How long will it take you to find all the words in this puzzle?

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Sweet and Spicy Nuts

Sweet and Spicy Peanuts are a BIG favorite in my family, and my kids and I often make large batches to give to family and friends. 
I hope your family and friends enjoy them as well!

To make them, you will need…

2 T Melted Butter
1/4 c Honey
1/8 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1/2 tsp Granulated Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1 lb Raw Spanish Peanuts, Almonds, or Pecans
Mixing bowl
Spoon or spatula
9×13 Pan
Optional: Parchment paper

What to do…

Mix the butter, honey, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and salt together in a bowl, then add nuts and mix until they are thoroughly coated. Pour onto parchment paper, place pan a 325 degree oven and cook for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Be sure to mix the nuts every 10 minutes with a heat-proof spatula.
Leave them on the pan until cooled, then store in an air-tight container.

Helpful tips…

Use parchment paper.

As the honey cools, it creates a delicious candy-like coating. Parchment paper not only makes the nuts much easier to remove, it makes clean-up faster and easier too!

Store nuts in an air-tight container.

An air-tight container keeps the nuts fresh and crunchy for up to 2 weeks….if they last that long!

Adjust the recipe to taste.

Quite a few of my family members LOVE really spicy nuts, so I’ll add much as a tablespoon+ of cayenne pepper to their batch. If you want to kick-up the heat, add an extra 1/8 tsp at a time until you get to the heat level your family enjoys.

If you have family members that don’t like garlic, then leave it out. The sweet, spicy flavor can hold its own! Consider adding a bit more salt instead.

Adjust the salt level to fit the needs of family and friends.

If peanuts are a problem, then use another kind of nut. I’ve made these these with raw almonds and the results are just as delicious, if not more so!

A great gift or party snack!

I’ve been known to put these nuts in jars or festive containers and add them to my gift baskets as a sweet and spicy treat, but they make a great party snack too!

My kids enjoy making their own labels and gift wrap for an extra special touch when gifting them to friends and family members!

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Learning with Lemons

Research Information

The Spruce: All About Lemons and How to Use Them – Article includes nutritional and growing info, how to buy and store them, and some recipes to try.

LiveScience: Lemons: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts – Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and other lemon slice in sunimportant nutrients. Find out some of the countries they are grown in and the health benefits of lemons.

Universal Preschool.com: Learning with Lemons – Explore and discover lemons as a family in some fun ways and make some yummy treats with them.

Taste of Home: 12 Genius Ways to Use Lemon (and Other Citrus) Peels Around the House – This site offers some great ideas for every part of the lemon…except the seeds.


Amalfi Coast Lemon | A “How Does it Grow?” Special: The Flying Farmer

How to Cook Spaghetti Al Limone | Searching for Amalfi Lemons in Naples, Italy

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

Note: If this, or any other post on FranW.com, has inspired you in a positive way, or you have featured it in a blog post, please comment and link back to where it can be found! Thank you!