Month: October 2015

A World To Discover November Volume 1

Native American Resources – Picture writing, gardening, crafts, games, puzzles, stories, myths and legends and much more.Wild Turkey – General information, anatomy info, and videos. Pictograms –  Information about pictographs, the symbols used, and examples. Links and videos.  Yo-Yos Martha Stewart: Yo-Yo Toy– Video showing how to make a yo-yo. eHow – […]


Pictograph by Fran W. Symbol World – Learn how to communicate using pictures. Mr. Donns: Native American Symbol Stories – Symbols that tell a story. Texas Beyond History: Create Your Own Pictograph – Make brushes and paint from natural items and writing suggestions.Pictopen –  Modern pictograph writing. Pictograhic Stories – Native American signs and picture writingNative American […]

Native American Resources

Picture Writing Native American Writing: Picture Writing – Native Americans wrote with pictures, learn more about how they communicated.Native American Pictography – Native Americans Nations: How picture writing is done.Native American Picture Writing – Site offers an explanation about pictographs. Gardening Almanac: Three Sisters: The Original Companion Planting – ArticleKids Garden: Creating […]

A World To Discover October Volume 1

A World To Discover: October Volume 1 The Origins of Halloween – Halloween Resources include: The origins of Halloween, Fun Facts about Candy, Arts, Crafts and Puzzles, Lesson Plans and more.Halloween Origami – Links and videos with instructions for making Halloween origami projects.Phases Of The Moon – Links and videos […]

Halloween Origami

Origami Club: Halloween – Site offers a variety of origami projects to do including: Jack ‘O Lantern, Bat, Ghost, Witch, Skull, and others. Origami Resource Center: Halloween – Site offers bats, ghosts, spiders, owls, pumpkins, cats and other items.Activity Village: Halloween Origami – Bats, Broomsticks, Mummy, Witches hat and others.Origami Instructions: […]