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  • A Berry Patriotic Shake

    Berry Patriotic Shake by Fran W Make this delicious shake a yummy part of your 4th of July celebration! Here is what you’ll need: 1 c Milk* ½ c Yogurt* 7 large Strawberries 2 T Sugar or honey (or sweeten to taste) 1 tsp vanilla (optional) 1 c Ice Clear glass or plastic cups 2-3 […]

  • Strawberry Craze

    Observing Strawberries Extract DNA from a Strawberry Grow Your Own Strawberry Plant from Seeds A Berry Patriotic Shake Strawberry Breakfast Sundae Strawberry Goodness  

  • Strawberry Breakfast Sundae

    Strawberry Breakfast Sundae by Fran W Start your day in a fun way or enjoy this yummy sundae any time of the day! Ingredients: 3 Strawberries – slice 2 up, keep one whole ½ c Yogurt plain or vanilla (any kind) 2 T Granola – your favorite kind Honey Spoons Small glass or sundae cup […]