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Funschooling News #12

Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News! I’m offering more great family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun. This week’s activities include baking soda related resources. This inexpensive item can be turned into an awesome learning tool! Be sure to scroll all the way down to […]

Fun Ways To Use Toothpicks As A Learning Tool

Use toothpicks to form the letters of the alphabet and words. Dip a toothpick in ink or paint and draw or write with it. Make toothpick pictures. Glue colored or plain toothpicks to a piece of paper. Glue toothpicks together to form a solid structure such as a […]

The Benefits of Using Recreational Mathematics

NY Times: The Importance of Recreational Math – This is an opinion piece about the benefits of using Recreational Math in the classroom. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics: Recreational Mathematics – Only For Fun? –  A paper written about the benefits of Recreational Math in the classroom. It talks about how other countries […]

Recreational Math Activities

Math World: Recreational Mathematics – Offers a list of activities available on the site. Some of the selections include: Cryptograms, dissection, folding, games, illusions and there’s MUCH more!Math.com: Recreational – Puzzles, fractals, Spirograph, Roman Numeral calculator, and other topics.The Math Factor: A Quick Puzzle From OSCON – Check out the archives of this site located […]

Recreational Mathematicians

Martin Gardner.org – Martin Gardener is no longer with us, but his incredible work lives on with this site. You can get to know him via the information on this site.NPR: Martian Gardener A Genius Of Recreational Mathematics – Read or listen to the interview about Martian Gardener. You […]

What is Recreational Mathematics?

The really short answer? Its about learning and exploring mathematics via math related games, riddles, and puzzles….but the activities could have you going for hours, days, weeks, or longer!Wikipedia: Recreational Mathematics – Explains what recreational mathematics is.Scientific American: A Quarter-Century of Recreational Mathematics – PDF Article written by Martin Gardener […]

Recreational Mathematics

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month and I’d like to focus on a fun version of math called, Recreational Mathematics. It’s the type of math that not only makes you think creativity and critically, it really gets your brain going in ways that make time fly by, because […]


Cultural & Botanical Information Irish Culture and Customs: Emblems of Ireland: The Shamrock – Learn how the shamrock became an emblem of Ireland. Fine Gardening: The History of the Shamrock: Full of symbolism, this plant has mystical roots – ArticleSFGate: Botany Difference Between Clover and Shamrock Plants – Read about the […]

Funschooling With Hearts!

When my kids were little I would offer them quick and easy craft projects to do and we’d do them as a family. Over the years, we expanded this tradition by challenging ourselves to be more creative with the activities we did. The more we challenged ourselves, the […]

Drinking Straws

Bon Appétit: A Brief History of the Straw – This article talks about: How the first drinking straw was made. How the bendable straw came to be.  How they went from paper to plastic. Krazy Straws. Modern straw designs and uses.  How we’ve gone back to paper straws and why. […]