If you are looking for something fun and educational to do during Springtime, try a few of the following activities…

Celebrate The Season of Spring: Learn about the Spring equinox and find some fun activities to do.

Bubble Solution – Experiment to find out what ingredients make the biggest and best bubbles.

Bird Eggs – Links to science projects with eggs, make egg salad with a twist, and learn about the anatomy of bird eggs.

Bird Watching Activities – Bring the birds to you by making a bird feeder and bird food and learning how to identify them by shape, sound and color.

Spring/Easter Egg Craft – Make a hinged egg with a surprise inside. Full instructions and printable pattern available for this activity. This creative project is a great storytelling activity for any age.

An Eggcellent Game – Use a recycled egg carton and some plastic eggs to play this fun game.

Nature Backpack – Before your next outing, pack up a few items that will help make exploring nature a little more fun and informative. 

Chocolate – Learn about the history of chocolate, make an old fashioned chocolate egg cream, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bath soap, and chocolate lip balm.

Strawberry Craze – This mini strawberry research project is filled with questions to explore, experiments such as extracting DNA from a strawberry, a recipe for a strawberry breakfast sundae, plus links and videos.

Hula Hoop – Activities that can be done with a hula hoop, a link to the history of hoops, and videos about how to hula hoop and some of the amazing things people can do with them.

Geodes – Learn how to make geodes from alum, sugar, salt, or Borax, and learn how they are formed in nature.

Outdoor Charades – Make being outside a little more fun with a game of outdoor charades.

Bottle Toss – Make a bottle toss game from recycled items.

Bottle Cap Stamps – Make stamps from recycled caps and lids. Suggestions for use and instructions for the game, Code-Breaker included.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game – Make a tic-tac-toe game from recycled items and learn about the history of the game.

Crafts from Recycled Items – Turn egg shells into art, plastic milk jugs into a luminaries, grocery bags into a decorative bags and a shirt into a shoulder bag.

Outside links…

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