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  • Set Up  A Talent Show 

    Set Up  A Talent Show 

    Everyone has something they are good at. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to show off what they can do well or watch what others are doing. You can plan this for a future date so participants can practice, or set up something spur of the moment. Ask everyone to bring a little something to […]

  • Water Balloon Running Bases 

    Water Balloon Running Bases 

    For a fun water game version you will need: 50+ Half-filled water balloons, 2 buckets with water, hula hoops or something to make a base out of (two trees, chalk squares, baseball bases, street cones, spray paint, etc.), and 3 or more players Tip: Less water can make the water balloons more sturdy. Alternately, 5-10 […]

  • DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

    DIY Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

    Getting outdoors to play while the weather is nice is great for everyone! Game Board To play tic-tac-tac you will need a game board. This can be made from any of the following suggestions, or something of your own choosing. · A PVC pipe and four 4-way connectors the same width as the PVC pipe. To cut […]

  • DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    DIY Backyard Skeet Ball

    Make your own skeet ball themed game for the backyard or to take to the park. The follow ideas are only suggestions, please feel free to come up with your own way of making a game with this theme. Suggestions: Something to make a ramp out of: A box, small slide, wood and a few […]

  • Pizza Fun Page

    Pizza Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: Stuffed Crust Pizza Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Finish The Phrase Pizza Word Scramble Pizza Activities Online Jigsaw Puzzle: Pizza Puzzle: How long will it take you to complete this puzzle. Coloring Page: Pizza Coloring […]

  • Dough Thrower

    Dough Thrower

    Tony Gemignani, is an eight-time world pizza-dough tossing champion and has been featured on many shows.  It’s amazing what some dough and a little practice can do! Dough-Throwing 101: How to toss dough You can begin by purchasing or making your own homemade dough. The following video has instructions for how to get started tossing dough. How […]

  • Make & Fly Kites

    Scholastic Activity: Make a Kite – Offers simple instructions for making a one of a kind kite.Cool Math: Kites – The properties of a kite: area, perimeter, interior angles, diagonals, length ect..Wikipedia: Sport Kites: Info about sport kites aka stunt kites, also Kites: History of, materials, uses and more.My Best Kites: Stunt Kites – Information for making and flying kites.How Stuff Works: Kite Activities […]

  • Contact Juggling

    Contact Juggling

    HowStuffWorks: Entertainment: How Contact Juggling Works – Differentfrom traditional juggling, learn how contact juggling works. Wiki: How To Start Contact Juggling – Learn about ‘Shereplay’ and how it works. Tips offered as well.Wikipedia: Contact Juggling – History, types, controversy and more. Site offers information, pictures and a short video example. Juggling Tutorials for Beginners – Includes […]

  • Hoop Toss

    Sometimes the simplest items can make the day more fun.This activity requires only three items: a hula hoop, a length of yarn, and a ball.Outdoor Play: Hang a hula hoop from a tree branch and throw balls through it. Adjust the height of the hoop to make it more challenging. Alternately, if the hoop is […]

  • Pop & Play Dart Game

    Carnival games are a lot of fun to play at any skill level. This version adds a bit of a twist to it that makes it a little more entertaining.You will need: A large thick piece of cardboard, paint, paint brush, darts, staple gun, staples, and water balloonsOptional: Paper and pen. Set-up: Paint your cardboard panel […]

  • Roll ‘N’ Score

    Here’s a recycling project you can play with!You will need: A clean milk or juice carton or a box, craft knife, craft supplies, scissors, marbles or small bouncy ballsOptional: Packing tape, a chopstick or unsharpened pencil, and pencil and paper to keep scoreWhat to do: Cut off one side panel and decorate the rest of […]

  • Bottle Roll Bullseye

    This open-ended game can be played indoors or out and encourages players to make up their own rules and scoring system.You will need: An old sheet or an inexpensive white tablecloth (any shape), acrylic paint and a paint brush, recycled water bottles, water, and food coloring or paintOptional: Chalk or sidewalk paint, paint markers, paper, […]