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  • Christmas Songs Cryptograms 2022

    Christmas Songs Cryptograms 2022

    A new post featuring a Christmas Songs Cryptograms has been added here: Subscribe for free today!

  • Summer Songs Cryptogram

    Summer Songs Cryptogram

    The cryptogram below is made up of fun summer related songs. As you figure out the number to letter code, write the number under the corresponding letter. To print, right mouse button click and save to your computer. Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Bells


        Wikipedia: Bell– Etymology, history, styles of ringing, church and temple bells, bellfounding and more. Also,Campanology – The study of bells.Owlcation: Interesting Facts About the History of Bells – Article includes information about: Introduction of Bells Across the World, How Were Bells Made, Tuning of the Bell, What Are Handbells?, Bell Towers, What is Bell […]

  • Ukulele

    Ukulele – 99 Most Popular UkuTabs of All Time – Find the chords and tabs for your favorite songs. Free! – Tune your ukulele with the help of this site. Free of charge. Wikipedia: Ukulele – History, construction, types & sizes, tuning and more.YouTube: Ukulele Playlist – You will find a collection of videos about the ukulele, its history, […]

  • Silent Night

    Silent Night

        SILENT NIGHT: The Song Heard ‘Round The World – Article: The history of the song. Wikipedia: Silent Night – History of the song, hear and read the song in English and German, plus pictures. The German Way – Stille Nacht – Silent Night – Information and pictures about Silent Night. Stille Nacht Gesellschaft – Timeline with facts and pictures. […]