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Below is an index of the posts for the Something Fun To Do series on

The series includes word search puzzles, word scrambles, word within word challenges, recreational math activities, science projects and experiments, creative inspiration activities, craft ideas, brain teasers, trivia, fun food challenges, seasonal and thematic game ideas, and much more.

New posts come out every Thursday morning.

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Wintery Word Search – How quickly can you find the words hidden in this puzzle?

Winter Word Scramble – Unscramble the winter related words

A Frosty Words Within Words – How many words can you make?

An Icy Cold Experiment – Try this fun balloon experiment.


Frosty Fractals – A fun math art project.

Creative Inspirations: Winter Themed – Get your creative juices flowing with these winter themed words.

Make A Snowflake – This activity can be made from recycled paper.

Snowy Trivia – Enjoy a seasonal trivia-based research project.


Seasonal Recipe Challenge: Oatmeal Packet Challenge – Turn an plain old packet of oatmeal into something more interesting.

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