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Fun Ways To Learn At A Public Garden

There are a great many benefits to walking through a public garden, and if you ever taken the time to visit one in your community or area, you know it can be a peaceful and relaxing place that leaves you refreshed from the experience. It is also a […]

Funschooling Geography

When you make learning fun, a whole new world of possibilities open up and things become much more interesting!A subject like geography can be very hands-on and one-on-one experiences are really easy to accomplish. We find it fun to explore and discover our world in hands-on or experienced-based ways […]

Oysters & Pearls

Wikipedia: Oyster – Information about salt-water bivalve molluscs – types, anatomy, etc..Pearl – Information about the gemstone, pearl. Etymology, definition, physical properties, fresh and saltwater pearls, creation and much more. American Pearl: A Brief History of Pearls: How Pearls are Harvested – Article about harvesting pearls, early history of pearl harvesting, and […]

Cranberry Resource Page

Cranberry Bog Growing Information & Health Benefits of Cranberries Wikipedia: Cranberry – Growing information, food uses, and medicinal benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods: Cranberries – Find out the nutritional value of this food.MedicalNewsToday: Cranberries: Article – Health benefits, nutritional content, and risks. Dr. Axe: Cranberries: Article – Cranberries Benefits Are […]

Great Fire of London

Luminarium: The Great Fire of London, 1666 – Written history of the the fire. Offers a few pictures as well.History.com: Great Fire of London Begins, 1666 – A brief history of the event. Wikipedia: Great Fire of London – Information and pictures about the event.Redcross: Fire Safety – […]


Wikipedia: Hawaii – Geography and environment, history, demographics, economy, culture and more. Also, Hawaiian Dishes.Lonely Planet: Hawaii – Scroll down to view what the site has to offer in the way of experiences, launch an interactive map, read some articles, and see what activities Hawaii has to offer.Hawaiian Words: Hear […]


Photo By Marco Verch Wikipedia: Lighthouse – The history of lighthouses, technology, building, Fresnel lens and the History of lighthouses.symbolism and more. Plus the The Lighthouse Directory -Provides links and information for more than 19,300 of the world’s lighthouses.New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide – History, tour info, original photography, […]


Sun Bear Bear Types Bear With Us: The Eight Bear Species of the World Wikipedia: List of Bears Bears of the World Get Bear Smart Society: North American’s Bears Kid Zone: Bear Species – Kid friendly. National Park Service: Types of Bears also Teachers & Kids Activity Village: Giant Pandas […]


Mount Pinatubo, Philippines in 1991 Volcanoes of the World Volcano Discovery: Volcanoes of the World Listed by country, includes volcano cams Smithsonian Institution: Global Volcanism ProgramOffers pictures of volcanoes by country.Weather: 12 Volcanoes Around the World That Could Erupt At Any TimeNews reportWikipedia: Lists of VolcanoesBy country and […]

Cook Your Lunch Outside!

If it feels hot enough to fry an egg outside, why not take advantage of the sun’s heat to cook up your lunch!You will need: A takeout container with a lid or a metal container and aluminum foil, a cookie sheet, potholders, an area that gets at least […]