Flower Values

What you’ll need: The chart provided below, printed out, or paper and pencil, a calculator, a website, book, or another source of spring flower names

What to do: Choose 5-10 of your favorite spring flowers (common or scientific names) and figure out the number value for each word.

If you need a little help with Spring flower names, Names of Flowers can help you out, but feel free to look for names on your own via other websites, books, and any other resources you want to use. If you did the Wildflower Project, many of those flower names can be used.

Begin by writing down your flower choices. If you use lined paper, rather than the chart provided below, you will need 3 line: One for letters, one for their number value, and one to leave blank so letters and numbers do not get mixed up together.

Next, either print out the chart provided, or make your own letter to number values.

Often times, A=1, B=2, C=3 is used, but you can use A=26, B=25, C=24, or you can use any values you want.

Write the name of the flower you want to figure out the value of, then write a number value under each letter. Write the total value on the value line.

When you are done, compare the name values.

Which one has the highest and lowest value?

Does the longest word have the highest value?

Does the shortest word have the lowest value?

Do any have the same value?


Copy and save the Flower Values graphic below and print it out if you want.

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