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Stars by Fran W

This star activity can be very simple to make but if you are up to a little challenge there’s a suggestion for one below!

If you would like to get right to the craft, you can print out a templateand go straight to the “what to do”.

If you are up to a math challenge, you can make your own star instead. There are a few suggestions and videos down at the bottom of this post to help you out.

What to do…
Once the template has been printed on cardstock paper or a pattern has been made, cut out stars from construction paper, recycled cardboard cereal/cracker boxes, oak tag, or foam, and pop a hole in the ones you want to hang.

You will need a few craft supplies for the following suggestions.

Glitter or Glowing Stars: Cut stars out of cardboard or oak tag, paint them with a mixture of glue and glitter or glow paint and allow them to dry. Once they dry, hang them up or tape them on the wall.

Painted Stars: Cut stars out of cardboard/oak tag and paint them with acrylic paint. Hang them up.

String of Stars: Cut stars out of construction paper, tape or glue them together at the tips and put them across a door jam.

Star Wreath: Cut the middle out of a paper plate, or make a wreath out of cardboard or oak tag, glue construction paper stars around the wreath and hang on a door or wall.

3-D Star: Cut two stars out of cardboard/oak tag, cut a line in one star from the bottom to the middle point, cut the other star from the tip of the star to the middle and slide the two slits together to form a 3-D object. Hang or display on the table.

Make a New Star: Trace and cut out stars onto construction paper and glue them together to make another kind of star. Use craft supplies to decorate.

Star Challenge…

Make your own stars..

Draw or cut one freehand.

How to draw a star freehand – Simple step by step video (2:09)

Use a drawing compass, a protractor, paper or cardboard, and pencil.

How to draw a star and get it right! Video (5:39)

Make a pattern…

you use plain copy paper, you can make a pattern by cutting your star out of the paper, gluing it to a piece of recycled cereal/cracker box and cutting that out.

Make a star by folding a piece of paper just right.
Enchanted Learning: Star Ideas
If you want more star ideas, check this site out.

Stars and their names

5 pointed star = pentagram

6 pointed star = hexagram

7 pointed star = heptagram or septegram

8 pointed star = octagram

9 pointed star = enneagram or nonagram

10 pointed star = decagram

11 pointed star = hendecagram

12 pointed star = dodecagrams

Learn more about polygons.

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