Bird Eggs

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Quail, chicken and ostrich eggs – Fotografie von BMK März 2005
Did you know….

Quail eggs are the smallest edible bird eggs and ostrich eggs are the largest!

Activities: Egg experiments and Egg salad – your way

Activity #1 Egg Experiments

Grab a dozen eggs and get ready to do some amazing egg experiments with Steve Spangler!

When you get to the site, you can choose from the following experiments:

– Squeeze an egg without breaking it
– Find out how to tell if an egg is raw or hard boiled
– Make an egg float
– Make an egg rise

Steve Spangler always has something interesting to offer! Here is what else you will find: 

The “video” tab has a science demo of an exploding egg and the “related experiment” tab has two experiments that you can recreate at home: 

Egg Drop – Experiment with inertia. 
Egg in the Bottle Trick – Learn how to get a hard-boiled egg to the bottom of a narrow-necked bottle.

Bonus experiment – Egg Etching

Would you like to learn how to etch a hard-boiled egg?

All you will need is a hard boiled egg, a crayon, vinegar, a wide-mouthed container with a lid, and some time.

Click here to learn how and why it works!

Activity #2 Egg Salad – Your way

If you find yourself with an abundance of hard boiled eggs, one of the easiest things to make is egg salad! Get creative by adding your own unique twist on an old favorite!

Here are some suggestions…

Make homemade mayo rather than using store-bought.

In place of mayo try: 
Sour cream, yogurt, olive oil, avocado or mash up the egg really well with a fork.

Spice it up by adding a dash or two of one or more of the following: 
Salt, ground black pepper, dry mustard powder, paprika, ground/crushed hot pepper, curry, cumin, yellow mustard, horseradish

– Add some extras: 
Diced celery, diced tomatoes, diced baked potato, grated carrots, diced green pepper, chopped green onion, chives or diced sweet onion, diced ham, baby shrimp, diced pepperoni, chopped chicken, bacon crumble 

Serve it up:
On: Bread, rolls, croissant, toast, or crackers
In: A pita, a rib of celery, or a tomato,
Roll it up: in roasted nori, a flour tortilla, or a lettuce leaf 

Enjoy it as a dip with:
Homemade pita chips, potato chips, corn chips, corn tortillas chips, celery sticks, carrot sticks, sliced: cucumber, apple, zucchini, or squash…..or just eat it with a spoon!

Top your egg salad off with: 
-Tomatoes, cheese, potato chip crumbs, cracker crumbs, avocado slices, raw baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, watercress, lettuce, a slice of ham

Enjoy and be creative!

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