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Pumpkin Foods with Pumpkin Pie In A Shell Recipe

Now available on Funschooling Press: Pumpkin Foods Word Search Puzzle & Pumpkin Pie Recipe Find the 46 manually placed words hidden within this pumpkin foods themed word search with a bonus pumpkin pie in a shell recipe. This is an Instant Download – A Digital File. No physical item […]

Pumpkin Carving Word Search & Pumpkin Pattern

Now available on Funschooling Press: Pumpkin Carving Word Search Puzzle & Pumpkin Pattern Find the 40 manually placed words hidden within this pumpkin carving themed word search and pumpkin pattern.This is an Instant Download – A Digital File. No physical item will be shipped.Upon payment, you will receive:1 […]

In A Pumpkin Patch Word Search Puzzle

Now available on Funschooling Press: In A Pumpkin Patch Word Find & Words Within Word Game Pages! Find the 30 manually placed words hidden within this pumpkin patch themed word search, then see how many words you can make from the two pumpkin-related word game pages offered.   This is […]

12 Fun Ways To Learn In The Park

Explore the trails. As you walk through the trails, look around at the wildlife and plants, and try to identify as many as you can. You may find the free app Shazam for Nature helpful for identifying local plant life. Bring a pocket microscope or a magnifying glass along with […]

Fall Activities

The following activities can be found on Funschooling & Recreational Learning for the fall season. You will find posts for many fall related activities, holidays, events, and foods that can be found on this blog. Fall Fall Holidays & EventsFall leaves Fall & Leaf Activities Autumn/FallFall EquinoxFall Holidays and EventsLeaf […]


Wikipedia: Cornucopia – Information about the meaning, symbolism, mythology and the modern depictions of the cornucopia.Wonderopolis: What is a cornucopia?This site has an option that allows visitors to listen to the information given, and answers the questions: What is a cornucopia? Where did the cornucopia come from? and […]

Scented Bubbles

Bubbles are great to play with any time of the year, add a scent to them to make them even more fun!You can make scented bubbles in a variety of ways:Bubble Base: Make your own bubbles or use commercial.To make your own, experiment with good dish soap, water, […]

Pine Trees

Pine Cones Birds and Blooms: Make Color-Changing Pine Cones for your fireplace.Homeschool Ideas: Homeschool Science: Colored Pine ConesBackyardParent: Pine Cone Bird FeederCrafty Morning: Pine Cone Crafts for Kids Pine Needles Doodles & Jots: Turn a bunch of pine needles into a paint brush.Native Tech: Pine Needle TeaHome Talk: Homemade Pine Needle Facial Toner & […]