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Knight’s Move Paper & Pencil Game

Introducing: Knight’s MoveKnight’s Move is a fun pencil and paper game that can be printed and laminated for long term use.If you like games that make you think before you move, then you’ll enjoy this one.Suggestions are offered for extra challenges.Great for people of any age who enjoy […]

Summertime Puzzle Fun

Introducing: Summertime Puzzle Fun!This Summertime themed publication has six (6) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others.Activities include:– Summertime Word Find– Summertime Words Within Words Game– Summertime A-Z– Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board– Summertime Guess My Word– Dot grid for making designs and game play.Also included:Instructions for how to play Words […]

What is Recreational Mathematics?

The really short answer? Its about learning and exploring mathematics via math related games, riddles, and puzzles….but the activities could have you going for hours, days, weeks, or longer!Wikipedia: Recreational Mathematics – Explains what recreational mathematics is.Scientific American: A Quarter-Century of Recreational Mathematics – PDF Article written by Martin Gardener […]

Words Within Words Game – Printable Game

The Words Within Words Game is now available as a instant download in my Etsy Store: Funschooling PressWords Within Words is an open-ended game, that encourages players to observe, think, and create words with the letters offered in a single word, or a group of words.This is a […]

Dictionaries – Day #5 Words Within Words

Looking for a fun game that uses a dictionary? Try this one out!How many words can you find in the word… Grab a piece of lined paper, write the word DICTIONARIES on the top of the page, and then find, and write, as many words as you can using the […]

Hula Hoop Stop & Go

Here’s a fun family game you can play with a hula hoop and music. There are two ways to play: Version #1: Multiple Hoops – Give every player a hoop. Put on some music and ask everyone to use the hoop in some fun and safe way while the music […]

Card Flipping Challenge

Today’s challenge will include a deck of cards, and can be played alone, or with multiple players. What to do: Stand up, hold a card in your hand at waist height, and flip it onto the floor. Do your best to match the flip with other card. Tips […]

Stacking Cup Challenge

Today’s challenge includes:Stacking cups, paper, pencil and a timer Challenge: Stack as many cups as you can in a pyramid, circle, and/or square. Next, time yourself to see how long it takes to do it. Beat your own time for each pattern chosen. Keep track of your results. […]

Animal Antics – Game

To play Animal Antics, you will need: A deck of letter cards or letter tiles (A-Z),and a container.A color or black and white set can be printed from here.You may also write letters on index cards.Directions: Put all the letters in a container, have players close their eyes before […]

Petals Around The Rose

Answer: 6 Supplies Needed: You will need 5-6 dice to play this game. What to do: Roll 5 or 6 dice and say the answer. The object of the game is to figure out what the puzzle’s pattern is. Here’s what you need to know: The name of this […]