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  • First Amendment Word Find

    First Amendment Word Find

    Find the 9 words hidden in a puzzle, based on the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Posted here on Brain Recker: Subscribe for free!

  • Independence Day Fun Page

    Independence Day Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: Celebrate America Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Revolutionary War Trivia Challenge Who said, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”? What country helped the Continental Army? When did the Revolutionary War officially end? How many […]

  • Summer Fun July Volume 1

    Summer Fun July Volume 1

        Hot Dogs – July is National Hot Dog Month! Learn about hot dogs, play some games, do a puzzle and what how hot dogs are made.   Spray Art – Do a fun painting activity outdoors! Animal Antics – You get to act like your favorite animal in this fun game!   Hoop […]

  • Summertime Fun – June, Volume 1

    Summertime Fun – June, Volume 1

      I have 13 fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this month.  You can look forward to doing experiments, puzzles, crafts, games, observational activities, creative activities, and a few other things. If you’re interested in playing along with us, here are the items you will need.  Each post will include a short […]

  • Summertime Fun

    Summertime Fun

    Looking for fun and creative things to do this summer with your kids?  I’ve posted some great activities that we like to do right here on! There are enough ideas to last you the whole summer!     You may be wondering what age group these activities are good for and honestly, I offer […]

  • Spark of the Day: Pom – Pom Shooter

    Spark of the Day: Pom – Pom Shooter

    Here’s a great way to turn simple items into a fun activity! Items Needed: Toilet paper tube, 12″ balloon, packing or duct tape, scissor, pom-poms, a large container and recycled plastic water bottles or yogurt containers Optional items:  A measuring tape, paper, and pencil What to do: Cut off the top of a balloon, new or recycled Put one end […]

  • Fireworks


    Did you know… The Chinese invented fireworks in the seventh century. Activity 1: Write the Chinese symbol for ‘fireworks’ You will need: Watercolor paint, paint brush, paper and the Chinese symbol for firework Directions: Dip the paint brush in watercolor and practice painting the Chinese symbol on paper. Activity 2: Make a Decorative Firecracker What you will need: Toilet paper roll, tissue […]