A World To Discover May Vol 1

Woodpeckers – Links to sites with information about woodpeckers.

Dolphins – Dolphin resources for all ages. Links to lesson plans, anatomy information, videos and more.

Tomatoes – Links and videos about tomato anatomy, history and cultivation, how to grow tomatoes, and harvest seeds.

Create A Comic – Create a comic of your own, links to some famous comics, comic history, and printable pages.

Wildflower Identification

My Wildflowers.com: Wildflower Identification
This site allows you to enter information to help identify wildflowers.
Discovery Life: Wildflowers
Site allows you to enter information to help identify wildflowers by state.

DIY Story Cubes
Offers instructions for making your own set of story cubes.
Download to print pages.
To play, draw a simple picture in each square, then fold and tape together. Make 9 cubes this way.
Roll the cubes and tell a story based on the pictures.
Draw a Star Inside a Circle

Seasonal Foods

Cabbage– Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, and links to cabbage information.

Oranges – General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.

Strawberries – Strawberry research project includes links to other strawberries posts on Fran’s World and to other informative sites.

Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potato resources, including nutrition facts, educational info and recipes.


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