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  • U.S. Amendments Puzzle Index

    U.S. Amendments Puzzle Index

    This year’s series will feature the Amendments of the United States Constitution in a new way and then America. Since puzzles can help you remember things better, the upcoming amendment related posts will contain a word puzzle. To gain access to all the new puzzle posts, sign-up for a free subscription on Substack to have […]

  • Picture Word Find: Christmas 2022 Edition

    Picture Word Find: Christmas 2022 Edition

    A new post featuring a Picture Word Find: Christmas Edition 2022 has been added here: https://brainrecker.substack.com/p/picture-word-find-christmas-2022 Subscribe for free today!

  • Summertime Criss-Cross Puzzle 

    Summertime Criss-Cross Puzzle 

    Use the words in the word bank provided to fill in the blocks below. Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Criss-Cross Word Puzzles: Summer Fun Page – Pecan Fun Page – Paper Clip Fun Page – Watermelon Fun Page – Fibonacci Fun Page – Coral Reef Fun Page – Revolutionary War – Radio […]

  • Summer Word Scramble

    Summer Word Scramble

    How long will it take you to unscramble these summer-related words? Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Connect with FranW.com! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Summer Word Find

    Summer Word Find

    How quickly can you find the 12 summer-related words hidden in the puzzle below? Keep track of the words as you find them, write them down, or type them into something. Right mouse button click on both images if you would like to print them out. What do all these words have in common? Something […]

  • Word Hunt Puzzle #2 Spring Edition 2022

    Word Hunt Puzzle #2 Spring Edition 2022

    Something Fun To Do Index Fun Pages Index Word Hunt Puzzle #1 Connect with FranW.com! Facebook  Pinterest YouTube Channel

  • Finish The Phrase Puzzle #1

    Finish The Phrase Puzzle #1

    What letters are missing in the following puzzle? Use the hint provided to help solve it. Name the President this puzzle is about…. Connect with FranW.com! Facebook Pinterest

  • DIY Harvest 9 Tile (Scramble Square) Puzzle

    DIY Harvest 9 Tile (Scramble Square) Puzzle

    Have you ever done a Scramble Square puzzle? If you have not, it is a 9 piece tile puzzle that looks easy enough, but can take a good long while to solve it. You can do a quick search using the term: Scramble Square Puzzle and look at the images that come up. I hope […]

  • Fun With Corn

    Fun With Corn

    History.com Indian Corn: A Fall Favorite – Is Indian corn edible? Find out with this short article. Storing and Planting Heirloom Corn Daily Jigsaw Puzzles:  Fresh Popcorn Jigsaw Puzzle Game – How long will it take you to solve this online puzzle? MathisFun: Chicken Crossing Puzzle: Try to solve before looking at the solution! How […]

  • Knight’s Move Paper & Pencil Game

    Introducing: Knight’s MoveKnight’s Move is a fun pencil and paper game that can be printed and laminated for long term use.If you like games that make you think before you move, then you’ll enjoy this one.Suggestions are offered for extra challenges.Great for people of any age who enjoy puzzles, and pencil and paper games. Print […]

  • Recreational Math Activities

    Recreational Math Activities

    Math World: Recreational Mathematics – Offers a list of activities available on the site. Some of the selections include: Cryptograms, dissection, folding, games, illusions and there’s MUCH more!Math.com: Recreational – Puzzles, fractals, Spirograph, Roman Numeral calculator, and other topics. The Math Factor: A Quick Puzzle From OSCON – Check out the archives of this site located on the right side panel for […]

  • Recreational Mathematicians

    Martin Gardner.org – Martin Gardener is no longer with us, but his incredible work lives on with this site. You can get to know him via the information on this site. NPR: Martian Gardener A Genius Of Recreational Mathematics – Read or listen to the interview about Martian Gardener. You can listen to the short interview […]