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  • Wildflower Research Project

    Wildflower Research Project

    As the weather warms up, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, the beauty of the season begins to burst free. Much of that beauty is reoccurring in the form of wildflowers that can be found on the roadside or in private and public gardens. If you enjoy the colors and smells of Spring, […]

  • Snowflake Fun Page

    Snowflake Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: CATCH A SNOWFLAKE Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Snowflake Word Search Snowflake Related Activities Snowflake Experiment Online Activities Online Puzzle: Snowflake – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle? Coloring Pages: […]

  • Fibonacci Fun Page

    Fibonacci Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: ARTISTIC MATHEMATICS Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Fibonacci Fill- In Puzzle Fibonacci Related Activities Fibonacci Nature Hunt A-Z Write down the letters A-Z on a piece of paper or on an electronic device, then go […]

  • Poinsettia Resource Page

    Poinsettia Resource Page

    Information University of Illinois Extension: Poinsettia Facts – Interesting facts and information about Poinsettias. Includes anatomy info, history of the plant, and number facts.   The Spruce:  Poinsettias – Keepers or Compost? – Caring For Your Holiday Poinsettia and Getting It To Bloom Again Next Year (How To) Teleflora: Meaning & Symbolism of Poinsettias – This short article talks about […]

  • Animal Tracker

    Many animals leave signs that they have been around. This activity will have you identifying the signs that tell you what it may be and how you can track them.You will need: Sketchpad and pencil or a cameraOptional: A pocket microscopeWhat to look for…This activity suggests that you observe only. Touching is not recommended.Insects: Look for […]

  • 10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities

    10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities

    It’s butterfly season! That means these beautiful flying creatures can be found fluttering all around your yard, neighborhood, park, and garden in all their colorful glory! If you like, or even love butterflies, then you may find one or more of the following activities really fun! Make a butterfly poster. Base it on the butterfly facts […]

  • Hunt For June Bugs

    June Bug by Fran W. What is a June bug? A June bug, sometimes called a May or June beetle, is a type of scarab beetle that can be found all over North America. They can usually be seen swarming lights at night in late May or early June.Hunt for June bugs…Look for June bugs […]

  • Woodpeckers


    Wikipedia: Woodpecker – General characteristics, distribution, habitat and movements, behavior: diet and feeding, breeding, and systematic evolution. All About Birds: Woodpeckers and Allies – Site includes the following info – A variety of woodpeckers, their identification, life history, and a sample of the sounds they make. Some videos have been included for some of the woodpeckers as well. Defenders: […]

  • When To Plant

    When To Plant

    Anytime of the Year Urban Farmer: What to Plant Now Almanac: Gardening  Click on ‘Personalized Planting Calendar‘, type in your zip code to find out what and when to grow, and when to harvest. Spring & SummerArticles & InformationAbout: Organic Gardening: Vegetable & Herbs To Plant In August Reader’s Digest: 11 Vegetables to Start Indoors Before Spring Bonnie Plants: Which […]

  • Spirals


    Wikipedia: Spirals – Spirals and helices, 2D spirals, 3D spirals, In nature, As a symbol, and In art. Mathematische Basteleien: Spirals – What is a spiral? and types of spiral. Wolfram MathWorld: Logarithmic Spirals – Equation offered. Phi: 1.618: The Golden Number: Spirals and the Golden Ration – Article: Fibonacci numbers and Phi are related to spiral […]

  • Pine Trees

    Pine Trees

    Pine Cones Birds and Blooms: Make Color-Changing Pine Cones for your fireplace. Homeschool Ideas: Homeschool Science: Colored Pine Cones BackyardParent: Pine Cone Bird Feeder Crafty Morning: Pine Cone Crafts for Kids Bren Did:  How To Prepare Pine Cones For Crafts Pine Needles Doodles & Jots: Turn a bunch of pine needles into a paint brush. Native Tech: Pine Needle […]

  • When Nature Calls

    Nature is calling, can you hear it? Listen as the birds sing their sweet songs, breath in the wonderful fragrance of the flowers as they bloom bright and beautiful, and watch how full of life the trees are! When we hear nature calling us, we grab our things and go so that we can be […]