Summer Fun July Volume 1

Hot Dogs – July is National Hot Dog Month! Learn about hot dogs, play some games, do a puzzle and what how hot dogs are made.
Spray Art – Do a fun painting activity outdoors!

Animal Antics – You get to act like your favorite animal in this fun game!
Hoop Challenge – What can you do with a hoop?

Scented Bubbles – Whip up a batch of scented bubbles!
Creative Inspirations #2 – Spark your creativity with the two words offered.

Stacking Cup ChallengeHow many cups can you stack in a minute?

Ramp ‘N’ Roll – A great game to play inside or out!

MYO What’s Missing Picture – Boost your observation skills!

Card Flipping Challenge – Play alone or with friends…indoors or out.

Cook Your Lunch Outdoors Use the power of the sun to cook your lunch!

Hula Hoop Stop & Go – Grab your hula hoop and get ready to have some fun.

Peg Solitaire – This is a great strategy game for all ages!

Summertime Fun August, Volume 1 – More summertime activities for the month of August!
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