What is a Rainbow and how does it work?

How Stuff Works: What Causes a Rainbow? – Answers the question. Also, How Rainbows Work.

Wikipedia: Rainbows – Learn about rainbows.

About: Rainbows – For older kids interested in how a rainbow is made and some of the mathematics behind it.

Fun Rainbow Activities

First School: Rainbows – Activities for preschool aged children.

Enchanted Learning: Rainbows – A variety of rainbow crafts.

DLTK: Rainbow Activities – DLTK has fun rainbow activities for kids that include, coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, recipes and more.

Coloring.ws: Rainbow Coloring Pages – Offers a variety of rainbow coloring pages.

Universal Preschool: Fun With Rainbows –  Rainbow activities and book suggestions for you and your young child.

FranW.com: Rainbow Codes:  A fun game that adds an element of science.

Rainbow Videos
Please check out my YouTube Playlist for rainbow related information and experiments! Here’s one of the great videos you can find there.
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