Wildflower Research Project

As the weather warms up, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, the beauty of the season begins to burst free. Much of that beauty is reoccurring in the form of wildflowers that can be found on the roadside or in private and public gardens. If you enjoy the colors and smells of Spring, you may find these activity suggestions inspiring enough to grow something on your own.

#1 As wildflowers bloom on the roadside, in your yard, in public gardens, or in your neighborhood, take pictures, and then spend some time learning how to identifying them.

Need help identifying wildflowers?



#2 Collect different types of wildflowers when possible, make a flower press, or learn how to preserve them. Think of some ways you can use the flowers: Cards, pictures, scrapbook pages, writing/drawing journal, wildflower identification cards, nature journal, poems, display them in a vase, etc.

#3 Grow your own wildflowers in an selected area, as a garden, or in a planter. By growing your own, you can keep track of what you have planted. Collect seeds at the end of their growing cycle and save them for the next growing season. Label them clearly so you know what you are growing.

#4 Take some time to sit and enjoy wildflowers. Observe the insects and other creatures that come to visit. Take pictures/videos, draw or write about them. What do they do? How long do they stay?

#5 As you learn about the wildflowers you identify, find out how they can be used. Which ones are edible and/or medicinal? Learn about the rules of collecting them in order to ingest them.

For example: You will not want to collect wildflowers on a roadside that has been sprayed with chemicals, or has a lot of car traffic, because they are not edible or usable medicinally. Also, some wildflowers need to be collected carefully and boiled to be enjoyed.

Most public gardens will ask you not to pick or cut flowers.

Tip: Grow your own wildflowers in areas away from the roadside if you would like to ingest them.

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Fun Ways to Learn At A Public Garden

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From Bud To Bloom

For this activity, please choose a tree in your yard or somewhere very close by.

Next, choose one or more methods to document your observations: Drawing, writing/journaling, picture or video recording, or an audio recording device.

Observation Suggestions

What kind of tree is it?

Find out its name and the type of tree it is.

Guess how old your tree is.

How often will you observe your tree?

Everyday? Once a week? Once every two weeks? Once a month?

What does your tree look like without its leaves?

Observe how the branches formed.

How thick is the trunk? Measure it if you can.

Take a rubbing of the bark on your tree with a crayon and paper.

Guesstimate how thick the thickest branch is.

How tall is your tree?


If your tree has leaves, or needles, observe how its structure looks and consider how it formed, to the best of your ability. Observe new growth when possible.

Watch as your tree bursts to life with flowers, seeds, and/or leaves. Notice if the flowers have a smell, what the pollen looks like, how the seeds or fruit form and disperse. Notice how the leaves form and grow. Take a fully matured leaf and make a stamp print of it, draw it, or take a picture of it. Back and front.

Observe parts of your tree through a microscope.

Use a small microscope or a magnifying glass to get a closer look at your tree.

Where is your tree located?

Is it close to your house?
It is in the shade or full sun?

It is in a neighbor’s yard?

In a park?

What Can You Look For?

Does your tree have buds on it?

Are bugs crawling on it?

Does it have a nest?

What birds visit your tree?

Do other animals live in it or hang out in it? If so, who comes to visit?

How does the weather effect your tree?

What does your tree look like with ice/snow?

What happens when it rains?

What happens when it is windy?

What does it look like on a clear, sunny day?

The more you observe your tree, the more you will learn. As your tree changes with the spring season, notice how it blooms and grows.

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Pine Trees

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Wind, How Is It Measured?

Use the following questions to help research wind, then use the experiment suggestions below to do some measuring and observing of your own.

What is wind?

Where does it come from?

How is wind measured?

What types of winds are there?

Where can they be found?

What effects wind?

Why is wind measured?

What tools are used to measure wind speed and direction?

Wind Experiments

Keep track of dangerous/severe wind events that happen around the world and how they effect the people and areas: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Wind Chills, Gales, Squalls, etc..

Measure wind with your own:

Anemometer, barometer, weather vane, or windsock

What is in the wind? Find out by making a wind trap.

Observe the sound of wind for yourself.

Observe wind and its effects. Go outdoors to observe and then watch from a window. How are animals and plants effected? How are you effected? Compare your experiences.

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Windmill Fun Page

Play With The Wind

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Creative Inspirations: Winter Themed 2022

This open-ended activity is meant to spark the imagination and get creative ideas flowing.

Allow stories and activities to come together naturally and take on a life of their own.

Get creative with the words:

Ice Skates & Snow Ball Fight

What can be done with the words?

These words can be used alone, or mixed and matched in any way to inspire stories and memories. Once an idea has formed, it can be expressed in the form of a poem, diorama, dance, game, activity, song, musical composition, skit, a dramatic expression, sculpture, a structure of some kind, or something else of the person’s choosing.

Tips & Suggestions

Creativity is the main goal for this activity – there aren’t any limits.

  • Use a thesaurus to find different ways to use the words. Use related words too.
  • Anything can be written, but don’t forget that pictures and actions can tell a story too.
  • A story can be recorded with an audio/video device.
  • A great way to combine multiple recording methods is to narrate an illustrated story, and capture it all on an audio/video device so it can be enjoyed again later.
  • Play this activity inside or out.

If you need some inspiration, consider the following ideas:

  • Come up with game or activity that requires a snowball or ice skates. Explain/act out how the game is played. If you do not have snow, make a snowball from a household item. If you do not have ice skates, what can you pretend or use instead?
  • Create a comedy routine that includes ice skates or a snowball. Record your antics to enjoy later on.
  • Draw on a personal experience for these words. Something you saw, felt, touched, heard, did, etc..

Be creative and have fun.

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Snowflake Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:


Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Snowflake Word Search

Snowflake Related Activities

Snowflake Experiment

Online Activities

Online Puzzle: Snowflake – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle?

Coloring Pages: SnowflakeChoose from a variety of pages to print.


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Snowman Activities

Build A Snowman


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Fibonacci Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:


Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Fibonacci Fill- In Puzzle

Fibonacci Related Activities

Fibonacci Nature Hunt A-Z

Write down the letters A-Z on a piece of paper or on an electronic device, then go look for patterns. Do your best to fill in your list of letters with patterns you find in nature, at a store, or wherever you my go. If you need more help filling in your list, do a quick search, and look for images you may not have thought of or noticed. More than one word can be used for each letter if you choose.

If you do not know who Fibonacci was and you do not know how to look for patterns in nature, do a quick search, or view one of the videos below to help get you started.

Online Activities

Online Puzzle: Cauliflower– How long will it take you to do this online puzzle?

Coloring Pages: SpiralsChoose from a variety of pages to print.


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Fun Pages

Recreational Mathematics

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Watermelon Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:

Sweet Watermelon

Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Watermelon Carving Challenge

Watermelons are really fun to carve. One of the videos in the section below offers a gallery of some of the awesome things people have done with them. If you feel inspired after seeing the works offered, try your hand at carving something unique and interesting yourself. This makes a great family activity too.

Watermelon Fill-In

Online Watermelon Activities

Online Jigsaw Puzzle: Carved Watermelon: How long will it take you to complete this puzzle.

Coloring Page: Watermelon Coloring Page – Choose from a variety of pages to print and color.


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FranW.com: Watermelon Day – Resources include: Links to Geographical, historical, and cultural information. Videos have been included as well.

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Summer Fun Page

How many words can you make from the words:

Popsicle Stand

Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post.

Planning Challenge

Plan a summer celebration or camping trip. This can be at a park, in your own backyard, or somewhere else.

Create your own outdoor games from recycled item. Try to be creative with your games.

Summer Criss-Cross

Summer Related Activities

Online Puzzle: Summer Picnic – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle?

Coloring Page

Coloring Pages: SummerChoose from a variety of pages to print.

Summer Cooler Idea

In a glass of your choosing, place a scoop of orange sherbet (or any flavor you like) into the glass, pour in a 1/4c of cold apple, white grape, or pineapple juice, then top it off with ginger ale, lemon and lime soda, or a plain or flavored seltzer water. Put a straw in the glass and enjoy.


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Ghost In The Graveyard – Game

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Make Your Own Bubble Solution

Fun With Balloons


Summertime Fun

Summertime June

Summertime July

Summertime August

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Plant Propagation

Better Homes & Garden: 

Propagating Houseplants &

Making More Plants From Cuttings – How to make more plants from plant cuttings.
Gardening Know How: Starting Plant Cuttings – How To Root Cuttings From Plants – Types of cutting and how to root them.
The Balance: Best Plant To Grow From Cuttings – 19 Plants that can start from cuttings.
WikiHow: Plant Propagation: Offers steps to propagate plants. Includes pictures.
Wikipedia: Plant Propagation – Explains the process of plant propagation and methods.
National Seed Swap Day 
(Official Day is the last Saturday of the month each year.)
Save your seeds all year long then plan a seed swap!


Tower Garden: 7 Ways to Celebrate National Seed Swap Day – The author talks about his experience at a Seed Swap Day, why they are important, and how to celebrate the day.
Seed Savers.org: National Seed Swap Day 2017 – Info about the day and the benefits of going to one.
Days of The Year: Seed Swap Day – Information about the origins of the day and how to celebrate it.
The Herbal Academy: How To Plan A Seed Swap Day in Your Neighborhood – How to save seeds and plan the event. & How to Save Seeds: From Harvesting to Using Them – Tips for saving seeds.
Extension Services: National Seed Swap Day, January 31st, 2015 – Information about the day and how seed swapping was done by other cultures.

Check for seed swap days in your area each year.

YouTube: Plant Propagation Playlist – The videos in this list show you how to propagate a variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and houseplants.
Here are one of the videos in the list…


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Play With The Wind

One of the best ways to learn about math and physics at the same time is to play with the wind! Here are some of the fun things you can do with the wind located here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning:

Fly a Kite –  How kites works, how to make and fly them. Includes stunt kites.

Bird Watch – Bird watching activities, bird treat ideas, and links to bird-related activities and information.

Blow Bubbles – Experiment with bubbles by making your own solution, and links to information to learn about what’s so fascinating about bubbles and bubble experiments.

Fly Paper Airplanes – Get instructions for making paper planes, tips and suggestions for flying them, and Guinness info.

Pom-Pom Shooter – Watch how the wind can carry a pom-pom and predict where it will land.

Play with Balloons – Information about balloons and instructions for the game Balloon Badminton.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride – Hot air balloon resources including the history of the first flight, the inventors, how it work, and printable activities and craft ideas. Plus activity suggestions and videos.

National Ride The Wind Day is celebrated on August 23 of each. It is meant to celebrate the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer Prize. Here are some of the fun ways you can celebrate the day as a family!

Hang glide – Paraglide – Windsurf – Play Frisbee – Make a Paper Sailboat
Make a Windmill 

To Learn More About National Ride The Wind Day please visit the following sites:

National Day Calendar: National Ride the Wind Day

Days of the Year: Ride the Wind Day

Time & Date: Ride Like The Wind Day

Other Project Ideas

Education.com: Activity: Construct a Paper Plate Wind Spinner – How-to instructions.

Kids Ahead: Wind Energy Activities – Offers an array of wind related projects you can do. Includes some puzzles too.

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Celebrate Summer

The warm weather is here, it’s a great time to plan a summer celebration! 

Who will you invite?

It doesn’t matter if you are inviting everyone you know, or keeping it a family-only event, invitations help to set the stage for fun and give everyone something to look forward to!

Make a list of all the people you want to invite, then make and give/send out theme-related invitations.

Remember to write the date, time, and place of the celebration on your invitation, and ask people to RSVP (to let you know if they are planning to attend) by giving them your contact information, which can take the form of an email address and/or a phone number. 

Invite people to the beach, park, your house, or some place else.

Tip: Think about making invitations that are shaped like your favorite summer icon!


Symbols of summer…

What are some of things you think about when you think of summer?

I think about:

The beach, sand, shovel and pail, sand castle, beach balls, sunshine, sunglasses, bathing suits, flip-flops, suntan lotion, a cool drink, ice cream, the ocean, sailboats, watermelon, flowers, butterflies, fireflies, mountains, lakes, camping, cookouts, bonfires, swimming, sports, and so many other things! 

What are some of the things you think of when you think of summer? 

Write or draw a list of your own! You can use these symbols to help make your invitations, decorate your home, plan activities, and anything else you can think of!

Plan your celebration….

What will you eat and do during your celebration?

Here are some food suggestions:

If you are going to have a cookout, hamburgers and hot dogs are very easy make, but you may enjoy having ribs, chicken, veggie burgers, or something else.

Lemonade or some other beverage, chips, dip, veggies, salads, watermelonmarshmallows and ice cream are also great to have!

You may want to try having a fish fry or a clam bake!

Think about having a Jello eating contest!

Let people know what they can bring along with them when they RSVP!

Here are some activity suggestions:

Swim, have a water balloon toss, play outdoor charades, volley ball, Frisbee, balloon badminton, have a bottle toss or blow bubbles!

Tip: Use your, “Symbols of Summer” word list to make a game of outdoor charades!

Your guests may also enjoy having a relay race, a scavenger hunt, or a contest such as hula hooping, or bubble gum blowing.

If it gets dark while your guests are still enjoying themselves, play a game of, “Ghost in the Graveyard’, or catch fireflies!

Have a wonderful summer celebration!

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