Pine Trees

Pine Cones

Birds and Blooms: Make Color-Changing Pine Cones for your fireplace.

Homeschool Ideas: Homeschool Science: Colored Pine Cones

BackyardParent: Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Crafty Morning: Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

Bren Did:  How To Prepare Pine Cones For Crafts

Pine Needles

Doodles & Jots: Turn a bunch of pine needles into a paint brush.

Native TechPine Needle Tea

Home Talk: Homemade Pine Needle Facial Toner &  Tartan Pine Needle Sachets

Urban Comfort: Evergreen Imprinted Clay Dishes

Survival Life5 Survival Uses of Pine Resin

Pine Needle VinegarEvergreen Scented Vinegar

Krokotak: FALL STARS from Chestnut Leaf Stalks – Pine needle star craft.

Bark & Twigs

Survival TopicsEdible Pine Bark

eHow: DIY Winter Solstice Lanterns

Trendy Tree: Lighted Pinecone Branch Centerpiece

HowStuff WorksPine Twig Trivet

Mixed Ideas

7 DIY Ways To Make Your House Smell Amazing For The-Holidays

One Acre Farm: 4 Wild Winter Teas & A Chocolate Drink

How Pine Trees Grow

Macmillan McGraw-Hill: Life Cycle Of A Pine Tree – Video and pictures.

Boundless: Life Cycle of a Conifer

Native Plants & Wildlife: Life Cycle of the Long-Leaf Pine Tree

How Lumber Is Made

DIY Sawmills: Turning Logs Into Lumber for Furniture

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Pine Trees

Orange Resources

General & Nutritional Information

WikipediaOrange (Fruit) – General information about oranges, including cultivation. 

World’s Healthier Foods: Oranges – General health information.

Nutrition and You: Orange – Fruit – Health benefits.

Purdue University: Orange – Growing and technical information.

LiveScienceOranges Nutrition Facts – Health benefits, risks and nutrition info.

Sunkist Oranges – Types of oranges.

Visual Merriam Webster: Fleshy Fruit Citrus Fruit – Labeled Diagram of an orange.

The Visual Dictionary: Orange – Parts of the orange and their function.

Care2: 13 Health Benefits of Oranges – Find out how oranges are good for your health.

Orange Diseases

CBS News: Incurable Bacteria Citrus Greening Destroying Floridas Citrus Industry

TechTimes: Greening Disease Threatens Florida Citrus Industry

Medical DailyFlorida Orange Trees Threatened by Citrus-Psyllid Asian Bugs Carrying Bacteria

Educational Activities

The Homeschool ScientistOrange Science – Does an orange float or sink?, Which rots first? and Will it rust?

Math Is Fun: Crates of Fruit Puzzle – Can you solve the puzzle without looking at the solution?

Sunkist: Recipes

Lil Snappers: Fun & Games

Momables: Homemade Orange Soda Recipe

Orange Peels

Beauty Glimpse: 13 Health Benefits of Orange Peels and 10 Magical Powers of Orange Peel Powder – Find out how orange peels benefit your health, skin and hair.

WonderHowTo: 14 Uses for Orange Peels – Illustrations and brief instructions for how to use orange peels to deter ants and garden pests, make a bird feeder, an emergency oil lamp and other cool things.

Care2: 12 Surprising Uses for Orange Peels – Household uses for orange peels…freshen and shine your sink, shine wood, as a body scrub and more.

LiveStrong: How to Extract Oils from Orange Skins – Step by step instructions for pulling the oil from orange peels.

Trash Backwards: What To Do With Orange Peels – Site offers a list of things that can be done with peels and links for many of those things.

The Sprouting Seed: 30 Ways to Use Orange Peels – How to use peels in foods, around the house, as a medicine and a few other ways.

Penny-wise Women: Many Uses of Orange Peels – Site recommends ways to dry and store orange peels and some ways to use it.

Strangers & Pilgrims: Uses For and How to Dry Orange Peel – Offers ways you can make your own seasoning, extract, grilling salt, and custom tea blends with your own orange peels.

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