A World To Discover January Vol 1

Ben Franklin – Historical information about Ben Franklin. Read or listen to his
autobiography as well.

Nikola Tesla – Information about Tesla’s life and accomplishments. Links and videos.

Geometric Designs – Geometric Designs made from simple shapes. Tutorials, videos, and free downloads.

Fractals – Fractals in nature and design. Links and videos.

Ancient Greece – Contributions, Mythology, History and more. Links and videos.

Seasonal Foods
Apples Research Project – Facts, leading questions, information, videos, recipes, and links to other resources.

Oranges – General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.

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Benjamin Franklin


PBS: Ben Franklin – Find out who Ben Franklin was and what his accomplishments were. Site also offers a teacher’s guide.

Wikipedia: Benjamin Franklin – The life and accomplishments of Ben Franklin.

Franklin Institute: Ben Franklin – Offers historical resources for the armonica, lightning rod, Nini Medallion, and much more. Check here for FAQ about Ben.

Ben’s Guide to US Government – Site offers learning adventures and games.

FranW.com: Ben Franklin’s Armonica – Listen to a glass armonica and play a virtual one.
Ben’s Autobiographies

Spark Notes: Franklin Autobiography – Read Chapters 1-14 on line.

US History.org: Autobiography of Ben Franklin – Page 1 of 81 Read on line.

Early America: Autobiography of Ben Franklin – Read it on line, chapter by chapter.

LibriVox: Autobiography of Ben Franklin – Listen to Franklin’s autobiography on line or download the MP3.



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Benjamin Franklin