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  • Hot Cocoa Fun Page

    Hot Cocoa Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: CHOCOLATE WARS Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. Hot Cocoa Crypto Finish The Phrase Hot Cocoa Related Activities Online Activities Online Puzzle: Hot Cocoa – How long will it take you to do this online puzzle? […]

  • Chocolate Resource Page

    Chocolate Information & Articles   Exploratorium: Chocolate – Discover…..The sweet science of chocolate. This is an excellent place to begin your study of chocolate! Science Museum of Minnesota: Where are cacao trees grown? Find out here. Field Museum: Chocolate – Just for Kids: History, activities, process of making and much more. Cornell University: Chocolate: Food of the Gods. There is a lot of […]

  • Chocolate Activities

    Chocolate Activities

    Make a day out of learning about chocolate in some really fun ways! Chocolate Learn about chocolate, make an old time chocolate egg cream, find out if chocolate is a fruit or a veggie, and get links to other chocolate resources such as virtual field trips, puzzles and historical information. Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix Make […]

  • Chocolate covered pretzels

    Chocolate covered pretzels

        Chocolate covered pretzels are really easy and fun to make at any age, and they make a great gift too!To make your own, you will need…1-2 1lb Bags of real chocolate chipsPretzel Rods or your favorite shaped pretzel – 1 Large bag/container or 2 small Bowl or heat-proof containerSpoon or a forkParchment paperFlat […]

  • Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

    Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

    One of our favorite winter treats is a steamy hot cup of cocoa and to meet the needs and tastes of everyone in the house, we make our own hot cocoa base and add the items we like the most.  1/2 c Powdered cocoa3/4 c Natural sugar1/2 c Real semi-sweet chocolate chipsBowlSpoonJars or air-tight container […]

  • Make Your Own: Cocoa Lip Balm

    Make Your Own: Cocoa Lip Balm

      If you like chocolate, then you may enjoy wearing this lip balm!  3 tsp (or 1T) Petroleum jelly or shea butter1 tsp Cocoa powder1 Vitamin E capsule and a pin (optional)Craft sticksMeasuring spoonsHeat-proof bowl for mixingSmall containersHow to make lip balm…*Melt petroleum jelly or shea butter in a heat-proof container, add cocoa and the contents […]

  • Make Your Own: Cocoa Bubble Bath/ Body Wash

    Make Your Own: Cocoa Bubble Bath/ Body Wash

    This quick and easy recipe will not only make a fun bubble bath but it can be used as a body wash as well!To make your own cocoa-scented bubble bath or body wash, you will need… 1c Unscented baby soap (liquid) or 1/2c liquid Castile soap1/4c Glycerin1/8c Cocoa power1 Vitamin E capsule and a pin (optional)1/2 […]

  • Chocolate


        Did you know… The Cacao Tree’s botanical name is Theobroma Cacao, which literally means, “Food of the Gods”!Activity: Make an old fashioned chocolate egg cream  The egg cream is believed to have originated in Brooklyn, New York and has been enjoyed since the 1880’s!  Here is what you will need to make one […]