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  • French Toast Fun Page

    French Toast Fun Page

    How many words can you make from the words: FRENCH TOAST Note: Add some fun twists and turns to your game with the info in this post. French Toast Word Search French Toast Related Activities Online Activities Online Puzzle: French Toast– How long will it take you to do this online puzzle? French Toast Sandwich […]

  • Learning with Lemons

    Learning with Lemons

    Research Information The Spruce: All About Lemons and How to Use Them – Article includes nutritional and growing info, how to buy and store them, and some recipes to try. LiveScience: Lemons: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts – Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and other important nutrients. Find out some of the […]

  • Gingerbread Activities

    Gingerbread Activities

    History Wikipedia: Gingerbread House  – Gingerbread house history, modern times, Guinness World records, and Gingerbread houses. PBS: History Gingerbread – Article talks a bit about the history of ginger, and where the first gingerbread recipe came from and the inspiration to decorate gingerbread Fun Activities DLTK Site: Kidzone: Gingerbread Man Theme Unit – 5 Day Theme Unit and Resource List […]

  • Cook Your Lunch Outside!

    If it feels hot enough to fry an egg outside, why not take advantage of the sun’s heat to cook up your lunch!You will need: A takeout container with a lid or a metal container and aluminum foil, a cookie sheet, potholders, an area that gets at least 2 hours of direct sunlight in the […]

  • French Fry Project

    French Fry Project

    Have you ever wondered where French fries got their start or how they are made for commercial use?Keep reading to find out! French fries have been around for centuries, and while no one is exactly sure who invented them first, we do know that they originated in either Belgium or France. There’s an interesting history […]

  • Corn Dogs

    Corn Dogs

    History of Corn Dogs   Wikipedia: Corn Dogs:  Find out how corn dogs got their start and about National Corn Dog Day (March 22)   National Corn Dog Day: Find out how the celebration got its start.   State Fair (Brand): Corn Dogs – Timeline of the history of the popular brand of corn dog, State Fair. 1953-2012 This site […]

  • Chocolate covered pretzels

    Chocolate covered pretzels

        Chocolate covered pretzels are really easy and fun to make at any age, and they make a great gift too!To make your own, you will need…1-2 1lb Bags of real chocolate chipsPretzel Rods or your favorite shaped pretzel – 1 Large bag/container or 2 small Bowl or heat-proof containerSpoon or a forkParchment paperFlat […]