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Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, January 19, 1809, and became Edgar Allan Poe after the Allan family took him in at the age of two.

During his lifetime, Poe was a self-taught author, poet, literary critic, and editor. Although his life was filled with great tragedy, Poe accomplished a great deal in his short life, and influenced many writers and genres.
He died, October 7, 1849, at the age of 40.

Did Edgar Allan Poe have any brothers or sisters?

Did Poe ever marry?

Did Poe have any children?
What did Poe write?
How were Poe’s writings inspired?

The Poe Project – This 16 page research project is written and developed by Fran Wisniewski, and is great for self-directed learners and families who enjoy learning together. It’s packed with suggestions and directions to help you create a  personalized informal study.

The following full length video may require parental supervision.
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Edgar Allan Poe Resources

Edgar Allan Poe – History of Poe’s life.
Edgar Allan Poe and Music – Musical compositions inspired by Poe’s works
Edgar Allan Poe in Television and Film – Films and televisions programs inspired by Poe’s works.
Edgar Allan Poe in Popular Culture – Books, comics, films and other media Poe has appeared in.

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore
Writings and collected works of Poe and about Poe.

Gutenberg: Books by Poe
Many of Poe’s literary works can be found and downloaded here.
Poe Museum
Selection of Poe’s works such as: The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher and others. If you go into, “About the Museum”, you can take a virtual tour. Use your arrow keys to navigate this section. There’s also an audio tour you can listen to filled with interesting info about Poe’s life.

Biography: Edgar Allan Poe
Watch a series of short videos about Poe.
Poe Stories
Information about Poe, quotes, more of his stories and poetry, and a gallery.

Baltimore Post-Examiner: Edgar Allan Poe and cryptography: Are there hidden messages in Eureka? –  Article about how Poe popularized cryptography.

LibriVox: Edgar Allan Poe
Listen to many of Poe’s Works online.
If this link does not work, put Edgar Allan Poe in the search box.

YouTube: Edgar Allan Poe Playlist: Includes:
An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe – Staring Vincent Price – In this video, Vincent Price dramatically recites some of Poe’s most famous poems/stories: ‘Tell-Tale Heart’, ‘The Spinx’, ‘The Cask of Amontillado’, and ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’. (53:49)
You can also watch Vincent Price recite, “The Raven”
This may require adult supervision.

Listen to Sir Christopher Lee as he reads ‘The Raven’
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