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  • An Icy Cold Experiment

    An Icy Cold Experiment

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  • Something Fun To Do Index

    Something Fun To Do Index

    Below is an index of the posts for the Something Fun To Do series on FranW.com. The series includes word search puzzles, word scrambles, word within word challenges, recreational math activities, science projects and experiments, creative inspiration activities, craft ideas, brain teasers, trivia, fun food challenges, seasonal and thematic game ideas, and much more. New […]

  • Peanuts


    Energy Quest: Peanut Power – Use the energy from a peanut to create fuel.Kids Activity Blog: Peanut Butter Playdough – Site offers a dairy-free, edible recipe made with three ingredients.IN.gov: Reclamation: Floating Peanut Experiment – Site offers an experiment. PDF format. National Peanut Board: Classroom Lesson Plans – 12 Peanut activities and a downloadable peanut comic book.Georgia Peanut Commission: Kids Corner – History of […]

  • Funschooling News #10

    Funschooling News #10

    Hi! Welcome to Funschooling News! I’m offering more great family-friendly activities that will help make your week a little more fun. This week’s activities include vinegar related resources. This very inexpensive item can be turned into an awesome learning tool! Be sure to scroll all the way down to the Special Days section where you’ll […]

  • French Fry Project

    French Fry Project

    Have you ever wondered where French fries got their start or how they are made for commercial use?Keep reading to find out! French fries have been around for centuries, and while no one is exactly sure who invented them first, we do know that they originated in either Belgium or France. There’s an interesting history […]

  • 5 Fun Vinegar Experiments

    5 Fun Vinegar Experiments

    For the following experiments you will need… White vinegar, baking soda, a cooked chicken leg bone, 1-2 eggs, a recycled water bottle, balloons, measuring spoons and cups, a jar with a lid, a bowl, funnel, a spoon, a magnifying glass, a zip-top bag (sandwich sized), bathroom tissue and tapeOptional: Dish soap, food dye, a length […]

  • Human Body: Blood

    An animation of a typical human red blood cell. About Blood Wikipedia: Blood – Explains what blood is, its function, and parts. This site has information about Red Blood Cells as well. HowStuffWorks: How Blood Works – What makes up blood? How does the body make blood? Find out in this article. Scroll through the pages with the arrows on […]

  • Sweet Potato Resources

    Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts, Educational Resources World’s Healthiest Foods: Sweet Potato Facts & Info Mississippi: Sweet Potato Facts Wikipedia: Sweet Potatoes California: Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potato Experiment: Grow a Sweet Potato Plant Video time: 3:05Growing and Harvesting Sweet Potatoes in a Potato Bag Video Time: 3:20 Sweet Potato Math Lesson – PDF Sweet Potato Recipes North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission: 52 […]